What's Hot for 2017? These
New Bows! What's Hot for 2017? These New Bows!

Here at the 2017 ATA Trade Show, things are getting hot, especially where new bows are concerned! We’re at the largest archery and bowhunting trade show in the world, and though the Show is a business-to-business event, it looks like a giant toy store for people who enjoy archery. Let’s dive into four manufacturer’s booths, and see what could be on your shopping list for 2017.


Hoyt bows launch at 2017 ATA Trade Show

Hoyt Pro Staff Manager Evan Williams shows off Hoyt’s new beginner bow, the Klash.

Hoyt released two new bows; one bow for the traditional archery enthusiast and one for the beginner archer.

The Satori is a traditional recurve bow with modern Olympic recurve technology. It will come in various lengths and configurations to perfectly fit each archer. The Satori is available with a 17, 19 and 21 inch riser that can be fitted with medium, short and extra short limbs. It will be available in black, camo and “buck skin.”

The Klash is a highly adjustable bow that can be adjusted to fit youth to adult archers. One of the new design features on the Klash is a flat draw stop that gives the bow a very solid feel at full draw and it has a more aggressive riser design for added speed. The Klash is a great bow for archers that don’t want to sacrifice performance in a beginner bow. It is available in camo, black and pink.


Elite bows launch at 2017 ATA Trade Show

Elite added new bows for women and youth archers at the 2017 ATA Trade Show. Photo Credit: Scott Einsmann

Elite Archery brought in celebrities Matt Hughes and Bruce Buffer to introduce their full 2017 line of bows. The New York based bow manufacturer released six new bow models at the 2017 ATA Trade Show. Greg Steil CEO of The Outdoor Group, which is the parent company of Elite Archery, said, “We have gone to a seven-series aluminum which is a more stable platform, we have created more efficiency in our cams, and our cable management system is adjustable. We think the lineup we have now is the best shooting products that we have ever made.” The 2017 Elite bows include the Revol, Option 6, Option 7, Emerge, Impression, and the Tempo.

The target and hunting crossover, Revol, features a 35″ axle to axle length. Typically, a target bow is longer than a hunting bow. For example, a typical target bow is 40″ axle to axle and a typical hunting bow is 32″ axle to axle. A bow that is 34″ to 38″, like the Revol, would be a great choice for an archer that wants to own one bow for competition and hunting.

The Emerge and Impression have been designed for women and youth archers. They offer the same technology as the other Elite bows in a smaller and lighter package. Steil said, “The emerge and impression would be your top choices for youth and women. They are easy to use, they are a smaller platform, the cams are even smoother for the kids…they are designed for people just getting into it.”

The Option 6, Option 7 and Tempo are Elite’s flagship hunting bows. They have been designed with the serious bowhunter in mind.

New Breed Archery Founder and President Kyle Null takes the new RX1 recurve for a spin. Photo Credit: Josh Combs

Getting a new look at the RK1 by NewBreed Archery.  Photo Credit: Josh Combs


New Breed Archery was started in the garage of its founder, Kyle Null. Null started building custom bows for friends who were unhappy with the bows offered by mainstream companies. This hobby turned into a business and in 2009 New Breed Archery started producing bows for the public.

The Blade, Blade XL, Cyborg 2 and the RX1 recurve bow were all released at the 2017 ATA Trade Show. The Blade and the Blade XL are both 34” making them a great option for target and recreational archers. The Blade was designed for shorter draw lengths with a draw length of 22 ½” to 28 ½” and the Blade XL has been designed for longer draw lengths with a range of 28 ½” to 31”.

The Cyborg 2 is a revamped version of the popular New Breed Archery target bow. The Cyborg 2 features is a versatile 37” and has a draw length range of 25″ to 33″.

New Breed Archery is breaking into the recurve market with their RX1 recurve bow. The RX1 has a compound style grip making it easier to switch between compound and recurve.


Bowtech bows launch at 2017 ATA Trade Show

The new BT-Mag is a bow that can hunt all day on Saturday and win tournaments on Sunday. Photo Credit: Scott Einsmann

Bowtech released a new target and hunting crossover bow called the BT MAG. It is a 36” axle to axle bow that is equally at home in the woods as it is on the tournament trail. The BT MAG is a blistering fast 340 feet per second and has a draw length range of 26” to 30”. If you aren’t sure if you want to hunt or shoot targets, then the BT Mag would be a great high end bow option for both of those applications. If you are just getting started in archery Bowtech has online resources to teach you all the basics of archery.


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