Hollywood Archers Defined:
What’s Their Real-Life
Archery Style? Hollywood Archers Defined: What’s Their Real-Life Archery Style?

If your favorite Hollywood archers became competitive archers, they could use their superpowers to win Olympic medals and world championships in all the archery disciplines. Which bow type would they shoot, and where would they excel in archery’s universe? Let’s find out.

Archer: Katniss Everdeen

Discipline: Olympic Recurve

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Katniss fights for a cause with a bow at her side, and looks kick-ass while doing it. Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Katniss Everdeen honed her skills by bowhunting with a wooden longbow to feed her family. As a “tribute,” she picked up a recurve bow and stuck with it. With the rebellion over, Katniss could become an amazing Olympic archer. While no Olympic archers have used their skills to win a rebellion, several Olympians bowhunt, including American medalist Brady Ellison. Katniss already has great Olympic archery form because the actress who played that role, Jennifer Lawrence, trained with five-time Olympian Khatuna Lorig.

Archer: Merida

Discipline: Barebow

Merida and her trusty recurve won a competition by splitting her opponent’s arrow. Merida displayed great form and used deep-breathing techniques to calm herself. Her competitive calling is to be a barebow champion. Barebow archers shoot without sights, instead aiming instinctively or with the point of their arrow. Instinctive shooting is like throwing a ball. The archer simply looks at the target and shoots, relying on feel and muscle memory to aim their shots. Barebow archery is popular in Merida’s home country of Scotland and all of Europe, so she would fit into this challenging division.

Archer: Snow White

Discipline: Ski Archery

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Can you imagine Snow White as a ski archer? Given her name is Snow, it’s fair to assume she would be a great candidate for the sport. Photo Credit: ABC

Snow White in “Once Upon a Time” shows off her archery skills to fight ogres and other mythical creatures. Given her name is Snow, it’s fair to assume she would be a great candidate for an archery biathlon. Ski archers use recurve bows, which is an easy transition from Snow White’s longbow in “Once Upon a Time.” Skiing long distances and then shooting is a great way for Snow White to practice while dealing with a racing heart. And practicing ski archery would certainly help prepare Snow White for fights with fairytale foes.

Archer: Hawkeye

Discipline: Compound and Recurve

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Hawkeye doesn’t waste any time nocking arrows between shots. His rapid-fire techniques make him a dreaded foe in the Marvel universe. Photo Credit: Cinemania.es

Hawkeye has shot many bows through the years. In the latest “Avengers” movie, he shot a recurve, but in early films he shot a compound bow. Hawkeye is acclaimed as the world’s greatest archer, so he would fit right in on World Archery’s World Cup circuit. In that circuit, Hawkeye would shoot in pressure-packed head-to-head matches against the world’s best archers. To win a World Cup event, Hawkeye would have to be perfect because these archers rarely make mistakes. The World Cup has recurve and compound divisions. Hawkeye is adept at both styles, so he could simultaneously shoot the recurve and compound divisions.

Archer: Robin Hood

Discipline: Longbow

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Robin Hood relies on his archery technique to save Maid Marion, rob the rich, and give to the poor. Photo Credit: Pinterest.com – PrinceofThieves

Robin Hood is Hollywood’s most iconic archer. He used a longbow and wooden arrows to steal from the rich and give to the poor. The prince of thieves also poached the king’s deer and fed them to the poor. His hunting experience would make him a natural at 3-D competition in the longbow division. In 3-D archery, competitors shoot at life-size animal targets at unknown distances. The targets are set on a course, and archers shoot one arrow at each target. The longbow division in 3-D archery requires archers to use wooden arrows, just like Robin Hood. Still, we suggest Robin leave his green tights at home.

These archers and their mythical talents could set the archery world ablaze, breaking world records and crowning new champions. Luckily for the world’s competitive archers, Hollywood’s archers are staying in Hollywood.

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