“Wonder Woman” Promises Archery
Battle of Epic Proportions! “Wonder Woman” Promises Archery Battle of Epic Proportions!

The new “Wonder Woman” movie is one of the year’s most anticipated films. The movie releases June 2, 2017, and archery fans are ecstatic. Yes, you read that right: Archery fans are excited because the film features some epic archery scenes.

Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, uses her shield, sword and “lasso of truth” to defeat her foes. She doesn’t typically shoot archery, but her friends are skilled with a bow. In the “Wonder Woman” trailer, Wonder Woman’s fellow Amazonians shoot archery in a battle on Themyscira, their home island.

In the film’s official trailer (here) and the Comic-Con trailer (below), Amazon warriors wield longbows to defeat the evil forces. The Amazonians fly through the air, whip arrows from their back quivers, and even shoot two arrows at a time. (Don’t try any of that at home!) The poor forces of evil don’t stand a chance against these bow-wielding warriors, even though the bad guys brought guns.

Wonder Woman first appeared in the DC Comics in 1941. DC based the character on the Amazon warriors of Greek mythology. They were humans with godlike capabilities, like Hercules. These fierce females lived on the Island of Themyscira, isolated from men.

Some scholars believe this Greek myth could be based on facts. In the book “The Amazons,” author Adrienne Mayor cites archaeological evidence that tribes of warrior women lived in ancient times. A critical component to the Amazons’ rise was the bow. In an interview with National Geographic, Mayor said, “If you think about it, a woman on a horse with a bow, trained since childhood, can be just as fast and deadly as a boy or man.”

The new “Wonder Woman” movie debuts this summer, making it the perfect film for an “archtinee,” that is, an archery matinee. Catch the screening of “Wonder Woman,” see some cool archery scenes, and hit the range to channel your inner Amazon warrior.

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