Find an Archery Coach, Score
More Bull’s-Eyes! Find an Archery Coach, Score More Bull’s-Eyes!

Did you recently purchase archery gear and need help setting it up? Maybe you need to learn archery basics. Or, maybe you’re ready to compete, and need a coach to guide you through the entire process.

No matter your archery needs, a good coach can shorten your learning curve and help you achieve your archery goals in a timely fashion. Look for these qualities in a good archery coach.

Instruction should be at the top of your list when starting any sport. Archery is no different. An instructor can teach you archery basics and ensure you’re using safe, strength-building techniques. Photo Credit:

A good coach…

… keeps archery fun.

Archery should always be fun. A good teacher makes learning feel effortless. Similarly, a good coach mixes fun and work into each training session. Your coach might replace a paper target with a balloon or even challenge you to a shoot-off. These tactics might seem like fun games, but they also teach focus and concentration under pressure. When archery is fun, you learn without realizing it, and are more motivated to train.

… adapts their teaching style to you.

Everyone learns differently and at different paces. A good archery coach should adapt their teaching style to the student.  Whether you’re a visual, aural, verbal, physical, or logical learner, let your coach know so they can explain things in a way that that appeals to your learning style. Recognizing how you learn and changing teaching styles to suit you are the marks of a great coach.

… is knowledgeable in different archery disciplines.

Archery offers many great ways to enjoy the sport. Gaining exposure to the different bow types and archery disciplines can help you find the one you enjoy the most. A coach that teaches all types of archery will help you excel at whichever archery discipline you choose.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, consider joining a weekly league at the nearest archery shop. Leagues are a great way to have fun while improving your skills. Photo Credit:

… helps with equipment.

Equipment can be one of the most confusing aspects of archery. The decisions made within the realm of archery gear can be difficult to navigate on your own. It’s helpful to get advice from someone who knows your abilities and archery goals. Your archery coach can help you navigate equipment and make sure it fits properly.

… helps you achieve your goals.

Most of your shooting occurs outside of archery lessons, so setting goals is an important part of an archer’s growth. A good coach helps you set goals and outline a plan to achieve your goals both during lessons and at home.

It’s important to begin every practice session – no matter the location –  with a plan and end goal. A good coach provides guidance and helps you set achievable goals throughout your training sessions. Long-term goals are also important to maintaining motivation and progressing. Your coach will help establish your long-term goals and provide strategic plans for achieving them.

Working with an experienced coach is the key to more consistent shooting. When seeking a coach, it’s extremely important to find one whose coaching philosophy best matches your needs. Photo Credit: World Archery

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