Ready to Compete? Give Indoor
Archery a Try! Ready to Compete? Give Indoor Archery a Try!

Indoor archery is an easy way to ease into competitive archery. Targets for indoor archery are shot at 20 yards, and you don’t need special equipment to compete.

You’ll also find plenty of indoor archery tournaments nationwide, and they’re beginner friendly. Here’s what you need to know to give indoor tournaments a try.

Getting Started

A bow, hip quiver and arrows are all you need for indoor tournament archery. You do not need specialized equipment. Whether you shoot a compound, recurve or barebow, you’ll find a division to suit your preference. If you need equipment or want to tune your bow for peak accuracy, visit an archery pro shop for expert help and gear. Find your shop here.

Tournament Formats

The two most common indoor archery formats are the USA Archery and National Field Archery Association rounds.

USA Archery uses a multi-colored target that’s gold in the center circle, with red, blue, black and white in the outer rings. The rings score from 10 points to 1. Archers in USA Archery indoor competitions shoot three arrows per end. An “end” is one round of shooting.

The NFAA’s target is blue and white, with the white being a small circle in the middle, surrounded by blue outer rings. The rings score from 5 points to 1. NFAA competitors shoot five arrows per end.

To learn more about scoring indoor targets, check out the video above.

indoor archery

Indoor archery uses a multi-colored target that’s gold in the center circle, with red, blue, and white in the outer rings. Photo Credit: World Archery

Finding a Tournament

Every state has a target-archery association that organizes and governs local tournaments. It also maintains listings of local tournaments and their rules. USA Archery and NFAA have their own state associations. Your local archery shop and archery club can also be great resources for finding tournaments. Archery shops and clubs with indoor ranges often host tournaments throughout the year.

USA Archery’s virtual tournaments are another great way to get started in indoor competition. Virtual tournaments allow archers nationwide to compete against each other. Archers shoot at local indoor ranges, and then their scores are submitted to USA Archery and compiled with scores from across the country. To learn more about USA Archery’s virtual tournaments follow this link.

What to Wear

Some tournaments have dress codes, which vary by the organization sanctioning the event. Here are some general dress-code guidelines:

  • Wear closed-toe shoes. No sandals, no flip-flops and definitely no bare feet.
  • No exposed midriffs. When you raise your arms, no one should see your stomach.
  • No clothing with vulgar images or messages.
  • Denim and camo clothing are not allowed at USA Archery events.

For specific dress-code rules, check the USA Archery and NFAA rule books, or contact the tournament organizer.

indoor archery

Indoor competitions are fun, easy ways to start competing in archery. Photo Credit: World Archery

What to Expect at Tournaments

Archery tournaments have a relaxed atmosphere and sense of camaraderie. In archery, you don’t compete against the person next to you. Rather, you compete against yourself. Don’t be afraid to tell people it’s your first tournament. Other archers go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome and comfortable.

Indoor competitions are fun, easy ways to start competing in archery. They’re also great places to meet other archers in your area. Find a nearby tournament or shoot a virtual tournament at a local pro shop to start competing indoors! To buy equipment, or find a tournament or coaching help, visit your local archery shop.

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