8 Hollywood Archers We Want
to Shoot With 8 Hollywood Archers We Want to Shoot With

Wouldn’t it be fun to take archery lessons with Merida? Or spend a day at the range with Hawkeye? Or maybe even go bowhunting with Chris Pratt? No matter the archery activity, here are eight Hollywood archers we want to team up with for bow-and-arrow fun.

Geena Davis


Geena Davis competed for a berth in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. She fell short of her Olympic dream, but still loves archery. Photo Credit: Rob Griffith

Geena Davis is an Academy Award-winning actress who competed for a berth in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. She fell short of her Olympic dream in 1999, but still loves archery. We’d love to hang out with Geena and watch her shoot the Olympics’ 70-meter range, which is roughly 75 percent the length of a football field. Who knows. Maybe she’ll even try making the 2020 Olympic team.

Chris Pratt


From “Star Lord” to raptor tamer, Chris Pratt knows how to handle a bow and arrow. Would you want him as your partner in crime? Photo Credit: Chuck Zlotnick Universal Pictures

Chris Pratt is a Hollywood actor with a country boy’s soul. Pratt grew up hunting and fishing, and he continues that lifestyle today.  We spotted him on an archery range back in 2014, and in January 2016, he made a “game plan” to eat only meat sourced by himself or his friends for one full year. 3-D archery is a great way to practice for bowhunting, so hitting the 3-D course with Pratt would be a great way to spend the day.



This fiery redhead is the coolest bow-wielding princess. Plus, she can arrow bull’s-eyes from horseback. Photo Credit: Disney Pixar

Merida is a free spirit who is also a great shot. She shoots with incredible accuracy whether on horseback or at the tournament line. She loves shooting her recurve bow, and her archery passion would make her a great coach. Merida’s traditional recurve bow doesn’t include sights, which would make her an especially good coach for aspiring traditional archers.

Oliver Queen from “Arrow”


Want to hit moving targets? “Arrow’s” Oliver Queen may be the archery coach for you! Photo Credit: The CW

Oliver Queen shoots with speed and precision in his superhero role. It would be fun to ride along with Oliver and see him fight crime with his bow, but it would be safer to have him coach you at the range. Remember when Oliver shot those falling tennis balls, pinning them to the wall? He could teach you how to hit archery targets in flight, such as shooting foam disks tossed by an aerial-target thrower. Archers shoot aerial targets with flu-flu arrows, which have oversized fletching to prevent arrows from flying far.



Want to learn a more intuitive shooting style? Maybe Hawkeye could show you the ropes to barebow archery. Photo Credit: Jay Maidment/Marvel

Hawkeye is part of the Avengers’ superhero squad, but he lacks a super power. He is simply the “world’s best archer,” so hitting the range with him would be surreal. It would be awesome to watch his pinpoint shooting at all distances.



In case there happens to be a rebellion, Katniss has your back in all things archery! Photo Credit: HDwallpapers.com

Katniss Everdeen has classic archery form, and shoots recurves and long bows with incredible accuracy. She honed her skills by bowhunting woods near her home. Hitting the 3-D range or bowhunting with Katniss would be an archery fantasy. Katniss could teach bowhunting’s subtleties and the skills that dominate 3-D courses. She could also teach you how to make a wooden bow like the one she hunts with in District 12.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton has coached his artists to five victories on “The Voice.” When Blake isn’t coaching singers or recording platinum records, you’ll find him on his Oklahoma ranch. That’s where Blake unwinds and enjoys the outdoor lifestyle. His passion for bowhunting and archery, combined with his coaching skills, would make him a great hunting mentor. Even more, his ranch offers some awesome hunting.

Snow White


Snow White not only sings to all the woodland creatures, but she defends them with her bow and arrow! Photo Credit: ABC

Snow White from “Once Upon a Time” is an arrow-flinging princess. In fact, shooting with her, Merida, Robin Hood and Hercules would make for a fun day in Storybrooke or the enchanted forest. Snow White’s patience and princess-like demeanor would make her an excellent coach. Storybrooke needs an archery shop, and Snow White could open Storybrooke Archery.

Of course, if Storybrooke Archery is too far to drive, you’ll likely find an archery shop closer to home. To start your archery fantasy, check out Archery 360’s archery store locator.

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