Action! We’re Seeing These
Archery Movies This Summer Action! We’re Seeing These Archery Movies This Summer

Spring and summer are all about bows, arrows and sunshine. Warmth and long days create perfect conditions for archery fun, and Hollywood is helping out by featuring bows and arrows in several summer blockbusters. Archery and a movie night, anyone?

Check out these summer films that feature bows as their stars:

“The Great Wall”

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The “Great Wall” is now in theaters and features a bow-wielding Matt Damon. Damon’s character shoots an Asiatic horse bow. To prepare for the role, Damon trained with horseback archery champion Lajos Kassai. The film is about an elite group of Chinese soldiers who battle an invasion of mythical beasts called the Taotie. The soldiers and Damon use archery skills to prevent the Taotie from breaching the Great Wall.

“Smurfs: Lost Village”

Premiers: April 7

The fun-loving blue Smurfs are archers? The “Smurfs: Lost Village” trailer features Smurfs shooting bows, including one Smurf at full draw who’s preparing to shoot what looks like a foam-tipped arrow. In fact, it resembles arrows used for archery tag. In the movie, the Smurfs find a mysterious map that takes them through the Forbidden Forest. Their adventurous trip to the lost village includes encounters with magical creatures. Once there, the Smurfs find the village populated by female Smurfs who are archery aficionados.

“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”

Premiers: May 12

The legend of King Arthur is about a sword stuck in a rock, but no movie about medieval England is complete without a scene with an English longbow. Arthur is robbed of his royal birthright, and he’s the sole survivor of the royal family. But once he pulls Excalibur from the rock, Arthur unleashes events to rectify his misfortune. Armed with his mythical weapon, Arthur joins the rebellion to defeat Vortigern, the evil king who killed his parents and stole the throne. The movie’s trailer shows one of King Arthur’s knights, Goose Fat Bill, with a longbow, his preferred weapon. Goose Fat Bill is played by Aidan Gillen, whose archery form looks spot-on.

“Wonder Woman”

Premiers: June 2

The new “Wonder Woman” movie is an action-packed thrill ride, complete with epic archery scenes. “Wonder Woman” is an Amazon princess, and the Amazons are part god and part human. In the movie, Wonder Woman uses her god-like qualities to help mankind fight evil forces. The “Wonder Woman” trailer shows her fellow Amazonians wielding bows to help her cause. The Amazonians fly through the air, whip arrows from their back quivers, and even shoot two arrows at a time.

“War for the Planet of the Apes”

Premiers: July 14

“The Planet of the Apes” is back, and this is the final battle between man and the apes. An army of humans sets out to take back the planet from the apes. The apes use many weapons, including bows, to fight the human aggressors. In the trailer, an epic battle at an earthen fortress shows the apes fighting off an attack by shooting longbows to repel the human advance.

A great summer for archery and archery movies awaits. Few things rival a good archery movie to inspire people to try the sport, so treat yourself to these great flicks and then do some archery shopping.

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