Archery Tag Meets Dude Perfect
and It’s … Perfect! Archery Tag Meets Dude Perfect and It’s … Perfect!

Dodging arrows and ducking for cover, the guys of “Dude Perfect” were locked in an epic archery battle.

They aren’t doing another trick-shot video. They’re playing archery tag, which combines dodge ball and archery. Archers shoot foam-tipped arrows from low-draw-weight recurve bows. If an arrow hits you, you’re out.

The Dude Perfect crew was participating in a public archery-tag event hosted by Cinnamon Creek Archery in Roanoke, Texas. The event was part of a huge grand-opening celebration for its indoor archery center. The Dude Perfect guys were part of the celebration, and had a blast playing archery tag with their fans.

In archery tag, players duck and dodge arrows, and hide behind inflatable barricades. The rules resemble those in dodgeball. Although the games differ, the basic premise is the same: A whistle blows and an arrow melee ensues. Players who get hit are out. The game continues until one archer remains.

Want to play archery tag? Here’s what you need to know:

Where to play?

Check out archery shops, ranges, clubs, summer camps and recreational facilities to see if they offer archery tag. You’ll also find public archery tag events like the one at Cinnamon Creek Archery. To find a long list of archery-tag facilities, visit the archery tag website.

What are the rules?

Archery tag has different playing formats. Although getting hit by an arrow puts you out, it’s not always “permanent.” In some formats, players can return to the game if a player on their team catches an arrow or hits the opposing team’s target.

Is it safe?

Archery tag is safe for adults and children. Players wear a full-coverage safety mask, and the arrows are cushioned to prevent painful impacts. For additional safety, follow the Archery Tag safety guidelines.

Archery Tag is a fun, exciting way to enjoy archery. But if you want to shoot arrows without foam tips, stop by an archery store like Cinnamon Creek Archery. Dude Perfect’s Cody Jones recently visited his local archery shop to get fitted with a bow. Archery shops have the knowledge and expertise to properly set you up. To find a nearby archery shop, click here.

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