Storybook Cosmetics Hits a
BullsEYE With Fantasy-Themed
Makeup Brushes! Storybook Cosmetics Hits a BullsEYE With Fantasy-Themed Makeup Brushes!

If you’re a person who loves the art and creativity of makeup, and dressing up for a night out, but you’re just as happy on the archery range the next day, Storybook Cosmetics will speak to your soul with archery-themed makeup brushes. Humans are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, so why not showcase your love of archery while doing your makeup?

Storybook Cosmetics was created by makeup-loving triplets with a soft spot for fairytales. The three women combined those two passions to create their makeup company that specializes in fantasy-themed products.

Storybook Cosmetics released their BullsEYE Precision Brush Set in 2016. The set includes six eyeshadow brushes, each varying in size and function. Photo Credit: Storybook Cosmetics

Storybook Cosmetics went viral in October 2016, but the company is still growing. The sisters hope to evolve their company into a combination of products based on popular existing characters, as well as products of their own imagination. Their current products are Harry-Potter-inspired wand makeup brushes and a colorful eye-shadow pallet encased to look like a storybook.

Their newest endeavor is the BullsEYE Precision Brush Set. The set of six eyeshadow brushes features arrow-shaped brush handles and a quiver holder. These arrow brushes are sure to remind Storybook Cosmetics customers of fierce, fantasy female archers like Wonder Woman, Katniss from “The Hunger Games,” Merida from “Brave,” and Lucy from “The Chronicles of Narnia.”


Who doesn’t love good organization? Storybook Cosmetics’ BullsEYE brush set comes with a quiver brush holder, which protects the brushes and alludes to the same feeling as selecting a real arrow and preparing to shoot. Photo Credit: Storybook Cosmetics

The quiver brush holder, standard with each purchase, is designed to hold the brushes up without letting their ends touch the bottom of the holder. How? We’re glad you asked! The lid of each quiver has six holes – one for each brush – that slide over the top of the brush handles. The handles’ “fletchings” are wider than the holes, allowing them to rest against the openings and suspending the brushes in place above the quiver’s base. This design protects the brushes from fraying, and showcases their beautiful design while keeping the authentic arrow-in-quiver look.

The brushes will be sold in a set of six, with each brush varying in size and function. The set gives makeup gurus – and self-proclaimed makeup junkies – all the tools they need to deliver bold, precise, “BullsEYE” worthy eyeshadow looks for day and night.

The new brushes are receiving positive feedback on the company’s Instagram page, and clients are eager to get their hands on them. The brushes are still in the works, and don’t have a specific release date. However, the creators’ Instagram page says the brushes will be available soon.


Storybook Cosmetics specializes in fantasy-themed makeup products. The BullsEYE Precision Eye Set draws its inspiration from fierce, fantasy female archers like Katniss from “The Hunger Games” and Merida from “Brave.” Photo Credit: Storybook Cosmetics

Other upcoming products include liquid lipsticks, quill-and-ink liquid eyeliner sets, and rose-tipped face brushes (Hello, “Beauty and the Beast”!). And if you’re excited about the Katniss-approved archery brushes, you just wait! The site teases future “Hunger Games” licensed products. We can only speculate and look forward to what other archery-themed products they might deliver.

Plenty of individuals out there love archery and makeup, and Storybook Cosmetics’ new products should get them excited. After all, nobody should be pigeonholed to one persona. Your face is the canvas – paint it! (If that’s your thing.) If not, that’s cool, too. Soft, natural looks are more than OK in our book.

All out or au naturel, if you like precision on your face and on the range, check out the BullsEYE set from Storybook Cosmetics.

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