Earrings, Bangles and Necklaces,
Oh My! We Want ALL The
Archery Jewelry. Earrings, Bangles and Necklaces, Oh My! We Want ALL The Archery Jewelry.

Just like shooting archery can enliven your otherwise mundane schedule, jewelry and accessories can take an outfit from everyday to epic. Accessories say, “I’m here, I’m ready and I look fabulous!” There’s no better way to look fierce and show your love for archery than with bows and arrows!

Whether you’re dressing down for a day on the range, dressing up for a summer get-together, or looking for archery jewelry for your best friends, we’ve got you covered in the accessory department.  From baubles to bangles and everything in between, these archery jewelry pieces are sure to please, and they’re all available on Etsy. Check out the photo caption for the Etsy shop name.

Happy shopping!


You can personalize your arrows, so why not personalize your arrow necklace? Add a single-letter monogram for a special touch.

$29 Etsy Shop: OliveBella

A beautiful birthstone adds a hint of color to this bow-and-arrow beauty.


$18 Etsy Shop: Stamptations

The “Fashion District” would surely approve of this Mockingjay necklace … or would they?

$20 Etsy Shop: EchoesofIvy

The best place to store your arrows? Close to your heart! Well, if they’re on a necklace, anyway. If you visit an archery range, try a quiver on for size.


$29 Etsy Shop: asilomarworks

Take it back to archery’s roots with this awesome statement piece. This arrowhead-and-jewel combination comes in a variety of colors, and is the perfect addition to any outfit.

$60 Etsy Shop: Niccoletti


Tie-dye and archery pair together beautifully.

$36 Etsy Shop: horsefeathersgifts

This dainty bangle is ideal for dressier occasions.

$16 Etsy Shop: hazaricreations

“Find your balance” with this Lokai-inspired bracelet.

$32 Etsy Shop: horsefeathersgifts

Celebrate your love for archery and your significant other with this arrow design.

$20 Etsy Shop: MagnoliaCharmsShop

If bling is your thing, then this arrow bangle was pickled especially for you!

$15 Etsy Shop: GlamorousSparkle


These colorful studs add a pop of color – and archery – to any outfit.

$7 Etsy Shop: LilliRoseCreations

“Bows” and arrows goes together like – wait for it – bows and arrows!

$12 Etsy Shop: ourislandlife

Looking for something that’s as fierce as it is fabulous? Try an arrow earring like the one below.


$21 Etsy Shop: sigalitaJD

Vintage-inspired arrowheads and turquoise beads are the perfect pair for these dangly earrings.


$22 Etsy Shop: MolaxChopa

Glam-up your favorite outfit with druzy arrowheads.

$10 Etsy Shop: mingyuexin


Simple, elegant, and packed with archery love. What more do you need?

archery jewelry

$22 Etsy Shop: NestofReveries

This button ring serves as a beautiful statement piece.

$16 Etsy Shop: ATeaLeaf

We love the edgy vibe of this double-ring accessory.

$25 Etsy Shop: BrianneCossette

A gold arrowhead glams up any outfit.


$14 Etsy Shop: StaxxDesignsLLP

When in doubt, wear them all. There’s no such thing as too many arrows.

$20 Etsy Shop: FiregypsyVintage

Looking for more archery accessories? Try some of these archery jewelry DIY’s. And don’t forget: Let your accessories speak to who you are and what you love. You never know what conversation may encourage someone to try archery.

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