Mathews Joins Under Armour,
Top Brands in Celebrating
Strong Women Mathews Joins Under Armour, Top Brands in Celebrating Strong Women

Bow manufacturer Mathews Inc. recently became the latest in a line of top brands to target women by celebrating their strength, diversity and power. Mathews’ latest ad, a video emphasizing the sheer joy of bowhunting and archery, takes us on a journey that follows female archers through work and life, and from farm to field. The bow and arrow is the recurring theme throughout this high-quality production.

DRIVE | #MathewsAvail from Mathews Inc on Vimeo.


The video promotes Mathews’ newest offering, the Avail bow. The video, focusing less on the bow than on a celebration of archery and bowhunting, gives viewers a look at what so many people love about archery: a chance to drown out noise and distractions, and completely engage in the excitement of releasing arrows from a bow.

Mathews’ efforts are definitely on-trend. Another brand noted for its celebration of female strength is Under Armour, which recently launched its #ImPretty campaign. These ads nudge viewers to compliment each other on who they are or what they achieve instead of how they look. “Pretty strong,” “pretty tough” and “pretty amazing” are all phrases UA uses in its newest Instagram video ad. This campaign can also be found on Under Armour’s website.


You’re more than a pretty face. You’re pretty __________. #ImPretty ⠀ ???? link in bio.

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To be sure, marketing to women is something advertisers can’t afford not to do. They’ve hit some obvious home runs – Always’ “Like a Girl” Super Bowl ad comes to mind. But marketing to women is more than just selling product. “The Drum,” a marketing blog that reports on advertising trends, says brands are “paying more attention to women and advocating for women’s rights,” explaining that even brands like Mattel’s Barbie – long decried for a lack of diversity and promoting an unhealthy body image – have refocused on celebrating women’s strengths and capabilities.

The great news for archery is that Mathews hits its own home run with its “Avail” promo, defying stereotypes about women’s work, and portraying them as strong, fit individuals. We’re treated to clips of women teaching archery and empowering other young women, who – ultimately – gain the strength and peace of mind that comes from shooting a bow and arrow while alone in a quiet field at dusk.

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