It’s a Bow! It’s an Arrow!
It’s … Wonder
Woman! It’s a Bow! It’s an Arrow! It’s … Wonder Woman!

“Wonder Woman” just might be the archery movie of the summer. Its trailers feature lots of archery action, and the official trailer shows Wonder Woman herself wielding a bow! The movie will feature epic archery scenes, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The movie takes you through Diana Prince’s transformation into Wonder Woman. We learn her origins on the island of Themyscira, where she is trained to be a warrior. Themyscira is inhabited by fierce, godlike Amazonian warriors who are sworn to protect the world.

Diana trains tirelessly with a sword, shield and bow and arrow. Just as Diana realizes her potential, Steve Trevor, an American fighter pilot, crash-lands off Themyscira’s coast. Diana saves his life and is soon caught up in World War I. Diana’s sense of purpose to protect the world then collides with her destiny to be a superhero, and everything explodes into a classic showdown between good and evil.

In the movie’s official trailer, Wonder Woman wields a longbow while employing an acrobatic archery style during one of her intense training sessions. How many shots do you think she will take in the movie? Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

What type of bow does Wonder Woman shoot? It’s called a longbow, a traditional style of bow. Traditional archery features two bow types: longbows and recurves. Recurves have curved tips and longbows are straight to each end. Both bow styles are available at archery stores, along with all the instruction you need to be an archery superhero.

No words can capture the excitement of seeing this iconic superhero shooting a bow. She is training with General Antiope in the scene where she uses a bow. The Amazonians employ an acrobatic archery style in which they jump into the air and shoot their bows with impeccable accuracy.

Another archery scene features a battle between the Amazonians and the forces of evil. The Amazonians use their acrobatic archery skills to fly through the air, whip arrows from their back quivers, and even shoot two arrows at a time.

If you’re hungry for more content, new photos and videos of Wonder Woman release each Wednesday. This media campaign began April 19, and is called #WonderWednesdays. It features new content on the “Wonder Woman” film Twitter account. We’re hoping for even more archery scenes leading up to the movie’s premiere!

“Wonder Woman” releases June 1, so clear your calendar and get ready for some serious archery action!

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