Say “I Do!” to an Archery-Themed
Wedding Say “I Do!” to an Archery-Themed Wedding

Weddings celebrate two lives coming together, the joining of two people who have decided their significant other is vital to their world. Something so special should include the best of both their worlds. If shooting archery is that something special — or even if you just like the aesthetics of bows and arrows — check out these archery-themed wedding ideas.


Photo Credit: Rachel Allison Creative

This wedding announcement is equal parts beautiful and touching. The photo of the ring at the end of an arrow is stunning in black and white, but it would pop just as much in color. To top it off, the Jane Austen quote is enough to make the most hopeless of romantics swoon.


Photo Credit: jackie + jay photography

This sweet photo could be used for the announcement or as part of the wedding’s decorations. The contrast between the soft, blurred lighting on the couple and the sharp clarity of the arrow and ring is a beautiful metaphor for the ever-present love in the background, even when all focus is on the event.

Photo Credit: With Love and Embers

If you shoot archery in real life, or you want to emulate one of the many awesome fictional archers in print and film, consider taking a photo like this one, which evokes power and grace all at once.


Photo Credit: Esty shop LittleTeethMarks

This fun hairpiece can easily be part of any bridal updo. Attach or work it into your veil for an extra archery effect.


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Look at this imaginative way to present your guestbook, seating chart, or poem of your own creation by pinning a scroll to a tree with an arrow. Include a quill and ink for guests to use. This idea would be perfect for not only archery lovers, but those who love the Renaissance era. That’s when archery was a game for the elite or a way to win a lady’s affection.

Photo Credit: Allyson Magda

The rose-gold tones of the arrows work beautifully with the fabric in this decorative piece. This simple design could adorn the backs of chairs, doors or gates, as shown here.

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This sign is a great way to add humor to the festivities because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love puns? We especially love it when they’re archery puns. You can even draw the arrows yourself. …See?


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The single glittery arrow going through the cake provides a dainty addition. You could also make the arrow from edible material.


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For our handy-dandy DIY-ers, these instructions for making your own golden feather-fletched arrows add a personal touch to your décor. Use them in the decorations mentioned above, or in your own inventive designs.

A wedding is one of the most intimate and personal things a person could plan, so if your inner bride blushes at these ideas, save them, repin them, and bring them to fruition. We want you to have the best archery-inspired wedding ever.

And eat a piece of cake for us.

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