If You Like Golf, Chances are
You’ll LOVE Archery! If You Like Golf, Chances are You’ll LOVE Archery!

If you like golf, we guarantee you’ll love archery. (Yes, we know we’re biased.) The two sports are similar in many ways, and those who golf and shoot archery often see natural transitions between them.

Archery and golf are mental games with a physical component. Both can be played from young ages through the golden years. They’re both shot primarily outdoors, but indoor facilities are popular in the winter. Golf’s social aspects also resemble archery’s, and many rules of etiquette are the same. Golf and archery are also challenging, but archery has a shorter learning curve because its equipment doesn’t vary by distance and surface.

Mental Aspects

Each time you step to the shooting line, you must clear your head and focus on your shot, but not overthink. This mental approach is similar to hitting a golf ball. Photo Credit: World Archery

If you’ve played golf a long time you understand its mental requirements. Golf is more about your mental game than your swing and stroke. Whenever you stand over the ball – whether on the tee, fairway or green – you must clear your head and focus, but not overthink. Archery requires a similar mental approach each time you step to the shooting line.

It’s all About Consistency

Shooting a bow is a slow, methodical process. If you shoot an arrow the same way every time, it will fly to the same place, resulting in more bull’s-eyes. Photo Credit: ATA

Of course, it’s not all mental discipline. You must also know how to swing a golf club and shoot a bow. Swinging a club is an intricate physical process that combines balance, power and muscle memory. Archery is similar, but its basics are easier to learn because shooting a bow is a slow, methodical process. Either way, both disciplines require consistency. If you shoot an arrow or hit a ball the same way every time, it will fly to the same place.

First Stop is the Pro Shop

Archery stores are often called “archery pro shops.” The staff at these stores offer basic archery training, and help customers choose equipment that fits their budget. Photo Credit: ATA

And just like golf, although archery doesn’t require professional instruction and equipment fitting, seeking such expertise enhances a beginner’s proficiency. Likewise, archery stores are called “pro shops,” a term most golfers recognize. Pro shops in golf and archery custom-fit equipment to each customer, and offer basic training before sending them out the door.

More specifically, pro staff at archery stores walk you through the entire process and help you choose equipment that fits your budget. You’ll likely test-shoot several bows until finding one that feels best. After that, you can take group or individual lessons, which get you shooting bull’s-eyes in no time.

Where to Practice?

A local archery store can help you find a place to practice, whether that’s a public archery park, indoor or outdoor range, or a nearby field or 3-D archery course. Photo Credit: World Archery

After getting your bow, you’ll need a place to practice. Your archery pro can steer you to nearby ranges. As with golf, you’ll likely find public and private ranges nearby. Private ranges are called archery clubs, and are great places to shoot and meet other archers.

If you like the walking and socializing golf offers, various archery disciplines provide similar experiences. Field and 3-D archery ranges, for example, are set up like golf courses. Archers walk from target to target on the course. It’s great exercise and encourages social interaction within each group.

Obviously, if you like golf, you’ll find many of its attributes in archery, whether you’re seeking challenges, relaxation, exercise or outdoor socializing. Beyond those experiences, you’ll soon be enjoying the satisfying thump of arrows striking the target’s bull’s-eye.

But don’t take our word for it. If you’re interested in archery, read some more about archery’s different styles and visit a nearby archery shop for more information.

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