Archery Style: 10 Looks We
Love Archery Style: 10 Looks We Love

Archery lovers, rejoice! We found ten pieces of clothing and jewelry that will add the spice of archery to your everyday life. If you’re looking to expand your wardrobe this summer, think about adding some of these subtle archery staples into your collection.

Rock a Mantra

This cute tank features a simple mantra that any archery lover will appreciate. It reminds us that no matter what you’re up against, if you just focus and release, you’ll hit your mark every time.

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Ear Cuff

This arrow-inspired cuff turns your ear into a quiver. That would’ve come in handy for Katniss when she was in the arena – what a handy hiding spot! In all seriousness, this piece is a fashionable way to show your love for archery.

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Hoodies are Better with Puns

We’ve featured a punny shirt from Look Human before, but this one was too good to pass up. Archery puns really are the best ones.

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Arrow Earrings

These arrow earrings are simple and sweet. With these, you can subtly add archery to any outfit. In fact, you could fletch your own arrows to match these. Well, almost.

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Carry Your Arrows with You

Take your arrows with you wherever you go with this fun bag. The small arrow pattern is subtle, aesthetically pleasing and sure to make other archery enthusiasts smile.

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Follow Your Arrow

This tank is easily transitioned from hanging out at home to going out on the town. It’s vibrant and brings a hint of archery to any occasion. Bonus: it’s comfy enough for archery practice.

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Take Me Out to the Archery Range

Baseball tees are cute to begin with, but add archery and you’ve taken it to a whole other level. Represent bows and arrows this summer at a barbeque, on a baseball diamond or at the mall with this casual tee.

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Put a Ring on it

This ring is a great way to complete your look with archery. It comes in multiple tones that are sure to go with any outfit. Plus, you can pair it with a cute archery manicure.

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Arrow Necklace

This beautiful piece is sterling silver and comes with your choice of chain length. An arrow necklace would be a great addition to any archery lover’s wardrobe.

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United States of Archery

This unisex tank is patriotic and great for hanging out at a summer barbeque or relaxing at the beach. United in archery we stand!

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Want to rock your archery style at the closest archery range? Find one here. Happy shopping, and even happier shooting!

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