A Bow Of Your Own: When's
It Time To Buy? A Bow Of Your Own: When's It Time To Buy?

Buying a bow can provide all the fun and excitement of buying a car, but without the irritation of pushy sales staff. You’ll also get to test-drive several bows, choose your bow accessories, and sometimes even agonize over color options.

Owning a bow has advantages over renting one. For instance, once you own a bow, your shooting will improve. That’s because practice is more convenient. But more important, the archery shop’s pros will help you choose a bow you enjoy shooting, and they’ll fit it to you. A bow customized to your size, draw length and personal preferences makes archery much more fun.

But don’t rush into it. If you’re on the fence, take a lesson and rent a bow to get started. In other words, try before you buy. You can take private lessons or a class with other prospective archers. Classes and programs are available for adults and youths. Most programs have “lender” bows you can use to get started. When you’re ready to buy a bow, you’ll know the basics and your options.

When to Buy?

There are many wonderful ways to enjoy shooting a bow. You can unwind while shooting arrows in the yard, participate in archery leagues or competitions, or even harvest your own wild game. Determine what you want to do, then select a bow that fits your needs. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Several scenarios indicate you’re ready to buy a bow. For instance, if you know what you want to do in archery, it’s time to buy. That decision isn’t always easy, because archery can be enjoyed many wonderful ways. You can shoot arrows in the back yard, you can compete in archery leagues or tournaments, or you can even arrow your own wild game while bowhunting.

Or maybe all your friends are shooting, and you’re just tired of borrowing their bows. If so, then join the fun. Shooting archery with family and friends is a great reason to buy a bow.

Or maybe archery is just right for you. If running and weightlifting aren’t your thing, archery might be your path to physical fitness. It’s a fun way to exercise and relieve stress. It also improves concentration and boosts self-confidence. If you want to shoot a bow for wellness, visit an archery store and find your ideal bow and accessories.

What to Expect When Buying

When you visit an archery store, you’ll have the opportunity to try several different bows and decide which one fits your style, ability and budget. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Once in the store, you’ll find staff who are welcoming and professional. They’ll spend lots of time with you as you study your bow options for you and your budget.

Discuss the type of bow you want and how you intend to use it. With that information, the pro can show you several bows to try. This is why it’s vital to make this choice at an archery store. You get personal attention and you get to test several bows.

After all, choosing a bow is all about preferences. You want a bow that’s comfortable to shoot from the start, but also provides some room for advancement as your skills and strength grow. Try as many bows as you need to find the one that’s meant for you.

Once you pick your bow, the technician will adjust it to fit you properly. That ensures better form and greater accuracy. Next, you’ll need arrows and bow accessories. You can choose your accessories à la carte, or simplify the process with an accessory package, which saves money.

Choosing arrows is far more than picking fletching and cresting colors. The bow technician will review your options and help you choose arrows that match your bow’s draw length, draw weight and intended use. After that, you’re off to the range for final adjustments. By shooting your bow under the pro’s supervision, you’ll adjust the sights until you’re shooting bull’s-eyes.

Setting up a bow requires expertise and, in many cases, a bow press. Fortunately, the pros at the archery store do all the technical work. If you need help finding an archery shop to buy your first bow, use our store locator tool to find one nearby.

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