These Pinterest-Worthy Targets
Are Perfect For Archery These Pinterest-Worthy Targets Are Perfect For Archery

Archery is a fun, active sport, and so are simple games. To increase the fun factor further, adapt your targets to play a variety of archery games. Don’t have a target? Visit your local retailer to choose the best target for your game-playing needs. Once you’ve bought one, put on your crafting hat and create these DIY archery games.

1. Battleship

Playing the game as a child can be even better with a bow and arrows. Simply hang up two large printouts of the famous board and try to shoot out your opponent’s ships. Photo Credit: wikipedia

  • Play a game of Battleship by printing out warship designs and attaching them to your target. Determine their size based on your skill level.
  • Sink your opponents’ ships by hitting the circles on each ship. To sink a ship you must hit every spot. The first one to sink all of the other player’s ships wins.
  • For instructions, Battleship designs and a diagram of the arrangements, check out SanduneArchery.

2. Blackjack

Who says gambling had to be played with money? This way you can hit the range and shoot a few arrows with your friends while playing a bit of cards in the process. Photo Credit:

  • Attach cards of varying amounts to your target. Arrange them in any pattern you like, whether it’s a circle, diamond, square or other shape.
  • The goal is to hit two cards with your arrows that total 21, just like the blackjack card game. If you go over 21, you automatically lose.
  • The goal is not only to equal 21, but to reach 21 with the fewest cards possible.
  • For example: If you total 21 with three arrows, but your friend totals 21 in four shots, you win.

3. Tunnels

You can use many different objects to get the desired effect of something you can shoot through. Want a space themed party? Try hollowing out some aluminum cans or using cookie cutter stencils to form moons and stars. Glow in the dark paint is always a fun touch as well. Photo Credit: Sonja C via Pinterest.

  • Shoot through tunnels created by aluminum cans opened on both ends, or empty rolls of toilet paper.
  • Arrange them at different heights by hanging them from a bamboo skewer.
  • Shooting arrows through the tunnel gives you a specific spot to hit, and forces you to hit it straight on.
  • You can decorate the cans or rolls with any design or pattern to give the tunnels a theme.
  • For example: Paint or draw stars, moons and planets to create a space theme, imagining the tubes as black holes in the universe.

4. Balloons

Balloons never lose their charm with archery. The instant gratification of watching one pop after successfully hitting it really sets you on pace. “Once you pop, the fun won’t stop!” Photo Credit: Alexander Logan.

  • Blow up balloons and attach them to your target.
  • Choose several colors, and try to shoot one color at a time.
  • For an added surprise, fill the balloons with paint, glitter, confetti or other fun materials.

5. Bowling

Bowling and archery? That’s right! Now you can try to set up a lane for yourself and try to shoot all the pins before you miss. A great way to challenge yourself and have fun with others. Photo Credit: Wiki How.

Print off or create 10 bowling pins to attach to your target, arranging them in the same formation as pins in a bowling alley.

  • Each archer gets two rounds in a row to shoot, just like in bowling. The goal is to hit all 10 pins once.
  • Start your first round with 10 arrows. Shoot as many pins as you can, with the round ending as soon as you miss a pin. If you hit all 10 pins in your first round with all 10 arrows, that’s a strike. Missing a pin is a gutter ball.
  • For example: You hit three pins in a row on your first round, but miss the fourth. That means your first round is over. Leave the arrows in the pins you’ve hit, or take the pins down to mark which ones you shot. You start your second round and hit four more pins in a row, but miss the fifth. Your turn is over and it’s time to add up your score. Add the three pins you hit in the first round to the four pins you hit in the second for a score of 7.
  • Each archer shoots 10 “frames,” just as if they’re bowling. The archer with the highest score after 10 frames wins.

These games add another fun element to an already fun sport. Plus, you can get in a good arm workout at the same time. Now that your creative juices are flowing and you’re itching to pick up your bow, give these DIY target games a try and take that winning shot.

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