BuzzFeed Just Reminded Us About
Archery Tag, and It's
Awesome BuzzFeed Just Reminded Us About Archery Tag, and It's Awesome

If you can dodge a ball, you can dodge a … foam-tipped arrow? Archery Tag is the latest “it” thing, and BuzzFeed’s “Bring Me” offers an action-packed preview of the bow-and-arrow game taking archery fans by storm.

Bring Me is a BuzzFeed-run Facebook community designed to promote unique experiences around the world. We must say, it’s aptly named. After watching their Archery Tag video, two words come to mind: Bring me!

“If paintball and dodgeball had a baby, it (would) be Archery District,” Bring Me touts. They’re on to something: Archery Tag pits two teams in a fight to the finish. Sound familiar? “Hunger Games” fans know this format mimics the rules designed by Capitol gamemakers.

How do you play?

Two teams of five gear up with facemasks and recurve bows, and assemble on opposite ends of a course, separated by a safe zone. The safe zone is filled with foam-tipped arrows patented for Archery Tag. A whistle blows, and the teams charge the safe zone, grab as many arrows as possible, and dash to their respective territories.

That’s when the real action begins. Players fire at will into the opposing team’s territory, running and ducking behind blow-up barriers for cover. Just like dodgeball, the object is to eliminate players by “tagging” them with a foam-tipped arrow. If your opponent catches your arrow, you’re out. Teams can also earn bonus points – and bring eliminated teammates back to life – by knocking inserts out of designated foam, five-spot targets.

Sounds easy, right? But what if you run out of arrows? Strategy is critical. Run through the course to retrieve arrows – and avoid getting hit in the process! If your arrows land in the safe zone, you can retrieve them without consequence. Until, of course, you return to the battlefield. Never turn your back on your enemy. That’s when you’re most vulnerable for attack.

I’m hooked. Bring me!

archery tag

Archery Tag pits two five-person teams against each other in a heart-pounding, bow-and-arrow elimination game reminiscent of dodgeball and paintball. Photo Credit: Archers Arena

Want to put your battle skills to the test? Hundreds of cities across six continents offer Archery Tag. In fact, there’s a good chance your local archery shop hosts Archery Tag events. Find an Archery Tag location near you, or ask your local range to sponsor an event.

Happy shooting! “And may the odds be ever in your favor.”

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