New to Archery? 5 Things
You Need to Know New to Archery? 5 Things You Need to Know

If your new passion involves bows and arrows, you’ve come to the right place. Pat yourself on the back for selecting a fun, new hobby that will give you a lifetime of leisure.

You’re probably really excited to get out and start shooting. Here’s an archery quick-start guide that will take you from purchasing your first bow to finding a place to shoot.

Where to get started?

The best way to get started in archery is to find an archery store near you. Find one here. There, you can take an introductory archery lesson and learn the basics. You can also try a loaner bow before purchasing your own.

Which bow is right for you?

Ask questions about all the different bow types. You never know if you will like the preference of one over another if you don’t try them. Archery shops can assist with this and provide rental equipment for such occasions. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

You have options when it comes to selecting your bow, including compounds, recurves, longbows and crossbows. There is no wrong choice when selecting a bow, and it comes down to personal preference. You can try them all at your archery shop and read about them in our Archery 101 section.

What type of archery is for you?

One great thing about archery is that the many different types meet anyone’s needs and personality. Just like your bow, your archery experience fits you like a glove. Archery 360 is a great resource for researching the different archery disciplines, including indoor archery, target archery, 3-D archery and field archery.

How to Buy a Bow

Ready to jump into archery? The first step is buying a bow, which is a fun, easy process. It all starts at the archery shop, where you’ll find friendly and knowledgeable staff who are ready to help.

Tell them your budget and the type of archery you want to pursue. They’ll make several bow recommendations based on your parameters. Then, they’ll measure your draw length, which is how far you pull back the bowstring. After that quick measurement, the fun starts. You’ll get to shoot the bows and decide which one feels best.

Once you select your bow, you can trick it out with accessories. You’ll need a sight, arrows, quiver, arrow rest and release aid. You can even color coordinate your accessories to make your bow stand out. Custom arrows and bowstrings further personalize your equipment.

The archery shop’s bow technician will assemble and mount your accessories, and fit the bow to you for maximum comfort and accuracy. The bow is then ready to shoot! You can shoot it right away and sign up for archery lessons.

A benefit of getting started at an archery shop is building a relationship with that store. They’re your go-to resource for lessons,  equipment support and all your archery questions.

Where to shoot?

Archery ranges vary from place to place. There are indoor ranges within archery shops, within a local club or even some communities may have outdoor public ranges. If you are lucky enough to have space at home, you can purchase a target and set it up right in your backyard to shoot. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

Archery ranges come in all shapes and sizes. Archery shops, local archery clubs and some communities have public indoor and outdoor archery ranges. If you’re lucky enough to have space at home to shoot, then you can purchase a target and set up a backyard range.

If you’re a social person and want to spend time shooting with other archers, then look into local archery leagues or tournaments. Archery shops and clubs host leagues and tournaments. To get started, leave the bow at home and just go see what the event is like. Introduce yourself to other archers. You’ll find everyone is very friendly, and you’ll see how everything works. Archers form a friendly, welcoming community for newcomers, so get out there and interact with other local archers.

Start researching, then run down to an archery store to get started. There’s no time like the present!

Find a store near you.