Do You Name Your Bow and
Arrows? These People
Do. Do You Name Your Bow and Arrows? These People Do.

We name our cars, boats and motorcycles because they feel like our babies. Likewise, many people treat their bows as if they’re beloved children. So it only makes sense to name bows, too, right?

To confirm those suspicions, Archery360 reached out to fellow archers on Facebook and Instagram, and asked them to share the names and photos of their “babies.” The archers responded, submitting creative names with great family photos of their customized, color-coordinated bows. Considering this enthusiastic response, maybe you should follow these archers’ lead by christening and customizing your bow, and adopting your archery gear into your family.

Red Scorpion

Parent: BudoSiast Kvdb

When this piercing red recurve bow curls back its tail, it can sting any target with its arrows. The blue and yellow arrows, named after the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration squadron’s jets, soar through the air with the speed and precision of their namesake. “I call them my Blue Angels because of the same color scheme as the stunt fighters,” Kvdb said.

Striker Eureka and Phoenix Inferno

Parent: Zena Ross

Don’t let the bright colors fool you. These twins are as powerful as they are majestic. Take one look at the yellow and orange on these beauties and you know that naming one of them after the phoenix, which rises from fiery ashes, was the right choice. Ross admits “the hardest part is always naming them.”


Parent: Oriana Ashlyn

This sly, stealthy bow is aptly named after Thor’s villainous adopted brother, and looks like it could give Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers a run for their money. Ashlyn admits that “some days he gives me trouble.” It sounds as if Loki is living up to its namesake.

Gangster Gina and Ruby

Parent: Martin Hewett

Big sister and little sister are pictured in this family photo. According to Hewett, Gangster Gina got her name because “she has a Cartel riser. Get it?” Yes Martin, we get it, and we appreciate you, your pun and your bow-child.

The Mutant

Parent: Marissa Rabalais Turner

Famous mutants preceded this tricked-out bow, including Mystique from the “X-Men,” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Now we can add this bow to the list. Turner said this green beauty got its name because its creator “sourced parts from several makers and put it together himself.” That’s a creation story fit for the big screen.


Parent: Manish Devadiga

Inspired by “Game of Thrones,” the power of a bow meets the power of a dragon. It’s indeed a song of fire and ice. Just whisper the High Valyrian word for dragon fire as you release your arrow, and this icy-gray bow “spouts fire arrows,” as Devadiga says. Maybe Ygritte should have tried that with her bow.


Parent: Jojo Adongo

As Kiss would sing, “Beth, I hear you calling, but I can’t come home right now.” This beautiful bow is pictured while taking a family vacation at the beach. What a lucky girl.


Parent: Melissa Valliere

This small but mighty recurve bow is taking a ride with its horse brother. And this photo sends some serious Merida vibes. We hope Stringbean and its family had a wonderful day with their hair flowing in the wind and firing arrows into the sunset.


Parent: Danielle Rose

Mother and bow-daughter are beauties in this cool costumed shot. Move over Robin Hood. A new archery power duo stalks these woods.


Parent: Sadie Hickerson

Stardust is seen here with her dog-sibling Sandy Beaches and their mom. The vivid colors bring to mind the aesthetic of David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust and the cool tones of the galaxy. That bow is definitely out of this world.


When you shoot a bow, it becomes part of you. It’s an extension of your arm. Something with such a personal connection should represent you and your personality. That’s why naming and customizing bows can bring you closer to your craft.

As humans, we feel most comfortable when being ourselves. Hit up your local archery shop, personalize your archery gear, and achieve that feeling every time you step onto the range.

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