Express Yourself: 4 Ways to
Accessorize Your Archery
Gear Express Yourself: 4 Ways to Accessorize Your Archery Gear

When walking the aisles of an archery store, you’ll find happiness in clamshell packages everywhere you turn.

One of archery’s many joys is accessorizing your bow and experimenting with new equipment. It’s easy to switch out sights or try new stabilizers. The shop’s bow technician loosens a few screws, tightens a few others and, bam, you’re onto something better.

Upgrading bow accessories can improve your downrange results while teaching you which gear benefits your shooting style. As you improve, you’ll want even more from your equipment, and you’ll learn which features you like in each accessory. For example, if you’ve joined an indoor league, you’ll likely discover you want a one-pin sight that adjusts easily.

If you’re just getting started and renting a bow, you can still buy accessories to improve your shooting. In fact, that’s a great way to piece together your equipment while learning your preferences for each accessory.

Accessories for Bow Renters

If you’re currently renting a bow, consider buying your own quiver, finger sling, release aid, finger tab, armguard and chest protector. You’ll use these accessories each shooting session, and once you’re ready to buy a bow, you’ll already own a lot of the needed gear. Photo Credit: USA Archery

Renting a bow lets you try archery without spending much money. It also lets you get a feel for the sport while deciding on an archery style as you try different quivers, armguards, finger slings, release aids, finger tabs and chest protectors. You’ll use these accessories each shooting session, and when you’re ready to buy a bow you’ll own lots of the needed gear.

Upgrade Your Sight

An upgraded sight won’t require tools to adjust and can easily make fine adjustments. Some other features to look for in an upgraded sight are metal construction, bright fiber optics and the ability to use a magnified lens. Photo Credit: USA Archery

If you bought a bow with entry-level accessories, your sight is probably tricky to adjust. Consider upgrading to a sight you can precisely adjust without tools. Other features to seek in an upgraded sight are metal construction, bright fiber optics, and a magnified lens.

You might not need all these features, of course. Much depends on which archery discipline you choose. To dial in your sight for target shooting, you’ll need one that makes fine adjustments that ensure maximum accuracy. For 3-D archery or bowhunting, however, you’ll want bright fiber optics to see your sight pins in varying conditions. All these features give you advantages whether you’re shooting in tournaments or just striving to improve.

Aim Steadier

Stabilizers are used for improved aim, follow through and ultimately, higher scores. It takes some experimentation until you find the best stabilizer setup for your shooting style, but one recommendation is to keep the added weight to a minimum while you get used to the new stabilizers. Photo Credit: USA Archery

Some stabilizers specialize in absorbing vibrations when you release each shot. These models are usually short and made mostly from rubber. They work great for bowhunting, but if you’re a target archer, consider upgrading to a stabilizer that steadies your aim. If you watch competitive archery on TV or YouTube, you’ll see pros using long stabilizers with weights on the end. These models improve your aim, follow-through and, ultimately, your scores.

You must experiment until finding the best stabilizer setup for your shooting style, but take your time. Start with minimum extra weight while getting used to the new stabilizer and, if needed, add weight in small increments.

Custom Strings for Extra Bling

Custom strings give your bow a personal touch and improved reliability. You can select string colors to match your bow’s color scheme, with one solid color, two colors or two colors with a pinstripe. Photo Credit: USA Archery

Do you want your bow to stand out at the range? Custom strings give bows a personal touch and improve their reliability. You can match string colors to your bow’s color scheme, whether it’s two colors, one solid color, or two colors with a pinstripe.

Besides making you look cool, custom strings keep your bow shooting great. Bowstrings stretch and wear out, after all, especially when you practice all summer. So don’t neglect them. Think of your bowstrings as the glue that holds your bow together. When they stretch, everything on the bow gets misaligned. Consult your archery pro when replacing bowstrings. This preventative maintenance makes your bow consistently accurate.

Archery isn’t only about firing arrows. It’s also about improving and excelling while having fun. By playing with gear and seeing how it affects your shooting, you’ll learn what makes your bow cool, fun and functional. To maximize your fun, visit an archery shop regularly. Get started today by clicking here to find a pro shop near you.

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