Need a Halloween Costume? Show
Your Love for Archery! Need a Halloween Costume? Show Your Love for Archery!

Struggling to find that perfect costume this year? Be an original in a gutter full of Pennywise imitations with these fun archery-inspired looks. Whether you’re looking to score mounds of candy, or first place at the costume contest, archery costumes are the way to go.

1. Lara Croft

Source: PopSugar

She’s a badass, and she’s here to raid your candy. The upcoming release of the new Tomb Raider movie calls for a resurgence of this costume in all its archery warrior glory. Trading in the Angelina Jolie booty shorts for pants makes this costume a great option for all ages.

2. The Green Arrow/Oliver Queen

Source: Pinterest – Famous Outfits

Watch over your party this Halloween as this masked archer vigilante. Oliver Queen is bringing back the recurve bow on this season of “Arrow,” giving you the chance to don your favorite equipment for a prop. Arrow just kicked off its sixth season on the CW, so it seems appropriate to set our sights on these characters this Halloween.

3. Artemis/Evelyn Sharp

Source: Polyvore lulux3hdl

We’ve suggested Artemis the Greek Goddess as a costume before, but this year we’re going with Artemis from “Arrow” or the “Young Justice” comic books. The midriff-baring black tank will make you more recognizable if you attach a felt green arrow. Maybe if enough people wear her costume, she’ll appear in this season of “Arrow” after all.

4. Malcom Merlyn

Source: AminoApps

Also known as The Dark Archer in the Green Arrow storyline, Merlyn is a cool way to rep an archery character without doing the obvious. He’s got Wolverine hair combined with archery flair. Rock any of these Green Arrow characters solo or combine them for a group costume.

5. Susan Pevensie

Source: Pinterest doctor-who-style Polyvore

The first “Chronicles of Narnia” book may have hit the shelves way back in 1955, but the characters C.S. Lewis created live on to this day. Susan’s costume can be matched with a bow, a flower crown and any Renaissance-style dress.

6. Wonder Woman

Source: ACParadise

Archery has been in Wonder Woman’s wheelhouse for decades, and fans caught a glimpse of those skills in her recent movie. Switch it up this Halloween by mixing modern Wonder Woman with classic. No matter which one you’re sporting, kick it up a notch by incorporating archery equipment. (See what I did there?)

7. Apollo

Source: Pinterest

Turn your Halloween party into Mount Olympus by walking in as the Greek God of archery. Pair any Greek God costume with a bow and arrow for an epic outcome.

With any of these costumes you have the option of carrying your own bow, or making your own simple recurve.

If you’re stuck in a Halloween rut and can’t get the creative costume juices flowing, look to our archery-inspired suggestions for some Halloween gold.

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