10 Stocking Stuffers Every
Archer Needs 10 Stocking Stuffers Every Archer Needs

After waking from your turkey-induced Thanksgiving nap, you might have realized just how little time you have to shop for the archer in your life. Luckily, you can find perfect gifts and stocking stuffers at your local archery shop.

Best of all, you don’t need to be an archery expert to shop like one. Use our list (and check it twice!) of 10 stocking stuffers to make sure your archery gifts are right on target.

Arrow Puller

Does your archer have a hard time retrieving their arrows from the target? An arrow puller will make it easier for them. Photo Credit: Scrapyard Archery

An arrow puller gives archers a better grip when removing arrows from the target. They’re made of rubber and are a must have in every archer’s quiver.

Arrow Lube

A sibling to the arrow puller, arrow lube also makes arrows easier to pull out of the target. Giving your archer both would make retrieving arrows a breeze. Photo Credit: Kiciuskit via YouTube

Arrow lube applied to the tip of an arrow makes them easier to pull from targets. It’s an excellent complement to an arrow puller, and together they prevent an archer from getting tired pulling arrows.

Bow Stand

Avoid damage to the bow by giving your archer a stand to set it on while they take a break from practicing. Photo Credit: huntingguides.com

If you know an archer who always leaves their bow in the grass, buy them a bow stand. It holds the bow upright and prevents accidental damage while the archer retrieves their arrows.

Bow Stringer

When a bow string breaks, you want to be able to put on another one immediately. Your archer can be their own handyman by stringing the bow themselves. Photo Credit: Merlin Archery

Every recurve and longbow archer needs a bow stringer to put their string on the bow. Even if they already own a bow stringer, they can always use a spare.


Once you know what kind of strings your archer’s bow needs, you can order strings from a retailer in any color or combination, making it unique to them. Photo Credit: USA Archery

New bowstrings are an excellent gift that fit nicely in a stocking. To buy bowstrings you must know their exact length. Compound bows usually list the proper string length on the bow, or you can tell your archery pro the bow’s make and model. For recurves and longbows, measure the bowstring or bring it to the shop. You can also order bowstrings in any color combination for a unique look.

Bowstring Wax

This is an inexpensive product that will keep your strings practice or competition ready longer. Photo Credit: World Archery

To keep a bowstring in top condition, archers apply wax to their strings. This inexpensive product is part of every archer’s range gear.


If your archer loves doing everything themselves, give them the tools to make their own arrows. You can find all the ingredients at your local archery range. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

If you know a handy archer that likes to do things themselves, a pack of fletching, fletching glue and a fletching jig is all they need to make arrows at home. The local archery shop will make sure you get all the supplies, and they can even provide the arrow shafts. If you bring in one of your archer’s arrows the archery store will know the exact length and size they need. Then they’ll cut the arrow shafts to length and glue in the inserts.

Bow Repair Kit

Your local archery shop is the place to go for bow work, but what happens if you need a repair while you’re at the range? Ask a salesperson to put together a kit with the basic tools and materials needed to make simple repairs. A typical kit includes Allen wrenches, bowstring serving, fletching glue and bowstring wax.

Release Aid or Finger Tab

Now that you’ve made retreiving arrows easier with an arrow puller, why not make the whole process seemless and give your archer a release aid as well. Photo Credit: ATA

If the person you’re shopping for has had their eye on a new release aid, surprise them by slipping it in their stocking. They’ll likely drop hints about the exact model they want. If not, you can’t go wrong with a gift card.

Gift Card

If you’re not sure what your archer needs, give them a gift card to their local archery shop where they can use their credit to purchase range time, custom gear, or even a new bow. Photo Credit: ATA

If you have no idea what to get the archer in your life, buy a gift card to their favorite archery shop so they can buy range time, archery lessons or any archery gadget their heart desires.

The way to an archer’s heart is through awesome archery gifts, which are just a short sleigh ride away. Find a nearby archery shop here.

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