Shoot a Bow: Get Started
with These Programs Shoot a Bow: Get Started with These Programs

Proper archery instruction is just as valuable as good equipment. When it comes to instruction you have some great options. Private and group lessons are available, or you can participate in an archery program like USA Archery’s Adult Archery and Junior Olympic Archery Development. All are excellent ways to learn proper archery techniques from certified instructors in a safe environment.

What are JOAD and Adult Archery?

The group lesson environment allows participants to meet other archers while still getting individual attention from the instructor. Photo Credit: USA Archery

JOAD is a USA Archery youth program for archers age 8 to 20. It’s a group lesson that usually meet weekly at an archery shop, local range or archery club and help archers hone their skills at their own pace within a community-based atmosphere. The group lesson environment allows participants to meet other archers while getting individual attention from the instructor.

JOAD classes have a similar feel to other organized sports. Certified coaches lead the practices and help students achieve their goals. Parents also play an important role in developing young archers.

As students progress in JOAD, they can earn achievements in the form of pins, lanyards and awards. These recognize milestones in their archery career and provide motivation to keep practicing. Learn about the various JOAD achievements, here.

USA Archery Adult Archery is the adult version of JOAD and offers all the same benefits including opportunities to exercise, meet new friends and build self-confidence. The class structure is very similar JOAD, but this program caters to students age 21 and older.

Where the Programs Can Take You

Anyone can enjoy lessons for recreation, but if you seek a greater challenge, there are plenty of competitions available to test out your new skills and meet fellow archers. Photo Credit: USA Archery

You can enjoy shooting JOAD or Adult Archery for pure recreation. If you want to try competition you can try local, state or virtual tournaments. These are a simple way to get into competition in a low-stress environment that requires little or no travel.

For a greater challenge, you can try shooting national-level tournaments. These might require a plane or extended car ride, but they’re a fantastic option if you’d like to meet other archers and compete alongside the best archers in the country.

Then there are opportunities to join the Junior Dream Team, represent the United States in international competitions, and even compete in the Olympics. The possibilities are endless are only limited by the archer’s drive.

Other Activities

JOAD and Adult Archery aren’t the only ways to get involved in the sport. Explore Archery is an educational program that introduces beginners of all ages to archery. People can try Explore Archery at fun interactive events and short camps. From there they can progress to JOAD or Adult Archery.

To get involved, call your local archery store or use the USA Archery club finder to locate a program in your area.

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