5 Sweet Treats that Show
Your Love of Archery 5 Sweet Treats that Show Your Love of Archery

The holiday season brings to mind warm fires, festive decorations, and the scent of something baking in the kitchen. Celebrate with the ones you love, and remember to celebrate the things you love too. To treat yourself and the other archers in your life, whip up some archery-themed cookies this winter. Here are five baking ideas to try whether you’re baking just for fun or taking dessert to a holiday gathering.

1. Bow and Arrow Cookie Cutter

Photo Credit: CookieCutz via Etsy

A bow-and-arrow-shaped cookie is sure to be a hit with any archer. The design is versatile enough to stand alone or be used within a theme. Children would stare in awe if these were at a “Brave”-themed party – especially if Merida and Santa were in attendance!

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2. Archery Themed Cookie Designs

Photo Credit: Amereldas Bakery via Etsy

If you have some artistic chops, draw archery-themed designs on cookies for your next get together. You can be as simplistic or detailed as you want. Guests will appreciate the time and effort it took to create them and you just might help get some friends interested in trying your favorite sport.

3. Cookie Topper

Photo Credit: topmycupcake via Etsy

Spice up pre-made cookies or cupcakes by adorning them with a bow-and-arrow topper. Toppers are perfect when you want to add elements of fun and whimsy to last-minute dessert duty.

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4. Archery Cookie Cutter/Design Combo


Photo Credit: Shane Childers via Pinterest

If you like the ease of a cookie cutter, but still want to handmake something, use an archery-themed cookie cutter as a base, and decorate on top of it. Place an arrow-shaped cookie on top of a circular cookie to easily create an arrow hitting a target. This dessert is – shall we say – a perfect 10.

5. Target Cookie Cutter


Photo Credit: Lewisoutlife via Etsy

Use a cookie cutter that’s already in the shape of an arrow hitting a bull’s-eye if ease and speed are your thing. Impress your guests with this intricate design, and only you’ll know how easy they were to make.

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Baking brings comfort and joy to both the baker and the person noshing on the baked treats. It’s a pastime many families enjoy during the holiday season, just like they can enjoy shooting archery together year-round. So, sprinkle in a little archery with your love when you bake this season.

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