Shoot a Bow: The Archery Shooters
Association Offers
Year-Round Fun Shoot a Bow: The Archery Shooters Association Offers Year-Round Fun

Are you new to archery? Do you want to test your shooting skills against other archers worldwide? Even if your goal is simply to make new friends who share your passion, the Archery Shooters Association is a great place to start.

ASA offers competitive and exciting 3-D tournaments that draw crowds from all over. Don’t let that intimidate you, though. Yes, the McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour offers premier tournaments for top-tier archers, but the Tour’s “Bow Novice” and “Women’s Bowhunter” classes make these events accessible to everyone.

The scoring system awards points of 14, 12, 10, 8, 5 or 0 depending on where your arrow hits. Photo Credit: USA Archery

Archers in those events shoot at lifelike plastic-foam targets that resemble game animals. The targets are placed at unmarked distances, and shots score 14, 12, 10, 8, 5 or 0 points, depending on where the arrow hits. Other competitions include the Lancaster Long Shot tourney; team events featuring amateurs and professionals; and a Known Distance Shoot, which lets archers range the target before releasing an arrow. ASA events are spectator-friendly, and offer competition classes for archers of all age and skill levels.

Archery tournaments bring people together in special ways. Campers and vehicles with license plates from across the country fill the parking lot. A buzz fills the air as everyone shares where they’re from, and discusses favorite products, techniques and shooting tips.

These events are also great networking opportunities for anyone who wants to get more involved in archery. ASA events are family-friendly, and a great excuse to visit new places and experience different cultures.

ASA offers competitive and exciting 3-D archery tournaments that draw crowds from all over. Photo Credit: Cullman AL ASA

Participants also get to meet experienced archers and coaches who are great resources for learning more about archery. These experts are passionate about the sport, and take pride in sharing their knowledge to help new archers enjoy the sport as much as possible.

That’s why participants get much more than a tournament experience at ASA events. ASA has chapters in 37 states, and boasts more than 9,000 members and over 330 clubs as far away as the Bahamas. That means you’ll meet people from across the globe who share your passion for archery.

So, don’t put your bow away, and don’t let your shooting skills go dormant during the offseason. Find an ASA event near you and enjoy archery year-round.

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