5 Qualities Every Archery Instructor Should Have

Think about your favorite teachers and their greatest qualities. They were smart, they made learning easy, and they kept their lessons fun. Ideal archery instructors share many of those same traits.

After all, archery instructors teach and guide you through your journey. You must be able to trust them, which means you must pick the right coach to achieve the best results. Let’s review five qualities to seek in your instructor.

Good instructors have technical knowledge.

You need complete confidence in your instructor’s advice, so it’s important they know what they’re talking about when it comes to form. Photo Credit: USA Archery

It’s essential that your instructor has a solid background in archery form and mechanics, as well as in-depth knowledge about its equipment.

You need complete confidence in your instructor’s advice, so they must know everything possible to teach proper form. They also must know equipment thoroughly to make recommendations and any necessary repairs at tournaments.

How can you assess their knowledge and teaching skills? Goods coaches have the proper credentials to show they’re a certified instructor. Organizations like USA Archery, Scholastic 3-D and the National Field Archery Association offer certification classes where instructors learn to teach archery. In fact, five coaching levels distinguish each instructor’s experience. Learn more about instructor certification by visiting the USA Archery website.

Good instructors keep archery fun!

Whether it’s a lesson, or on the competition field, a coach should be able to keep it fun throughout all forms of archery. Photo Credit: USA Archery

Whether you’re trying to make an Olympic team or you’re just learning archery’s basics, your instructor should make it fun. Some lessons are serious, of course, and building good archery skills takes hard work, but the process should never be miserable. Good coaches use games to reinforce lessons and keep archery fun.

Good instructors are good communicators.

A good instructor can take the hardest concepts and make them easy for a beginner archer to understand. When a coach can explain a task in multiple ways, depending on how the student learns, this is a true sign of a good coach. Photo Credit: USA Archery

Good instructors take complicated concepts and explain them in ways that make sense. It’s easy to use fancy jargon and technical terms, but they hamper learning if students don’t understand them. Good coaches also teach advanced topics to students without being condescending.

Teaching and learning archery is a long-term process. Instructors who are patient, and explain the sport’s nuances clearly and systematically, are winners.

Good instructors are adaptable.

The fundamentals of archery are universal, but there are slight differences in each archer’s technique because no two archers are built the same. Photo Credit: USA Archery

Good coaches can teach archery. Great coaches adapt their teaching style to match each student’s learning style. If you’re a visual learner, they’ll demonstrate the technique or show you a video that demonstrates it.

Archery fundamentals are universal, but each archer’s techniques differ slightly because no two people are built the same. Great instructors recognize those realities, and match the principles of proper shot execution to each archer’s body traits.

Good instructors help you achieve your goals.

Your coach should be able to help you achieve your goals. To do this, make sure you and your coach set your goals together so you both know what you are trying to aspire to. Staying on the same page helps keep the encouragement and trust between you strong. Photo Credit: USA Archery

Whether you’re a serious competitor or fun-loving recreational archer, your coach should help you achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter if you want to win your first tournament, improve your stump-shooting, or beat friends and siblings in a balloon shoot-off, good instructors craft plans to help you achieve your goals.

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