Your Own Slice of Heaven, With All of the Archery!

Men and women have desired a space to call their own since the beginning of time. “Man caves” and now “she sheds,” are often on the checklist when designing homes.

Creating an archery-themed she shed or man cave in your garage or basement can provide an oasis that also inspires your bow-and-arrow love life. Follow these archery style cues in your quest to create an epic man cave/she shed.

 Wall Hooks

Simplicity can be crucial in decorating. An understated piece can be the most eye-catching part of a space. Photo Credit: South Texas Home Decor.

A rustic arrow gives your cave or shed a homey, well‐worn vibe. The hooks blend into the piece, but remain fully functional. Imagine coming home from a long day at work and hanging your hat on this artistic piece of archery-inspired décor.

Simplicity can be crucial in decorating. An understated piece can be the most eye-catching part of a space. A beautiful arrow pattern paired with a subtle bow structure gives the essence of archery while providing a piece of artwork that can also be practical and useful.


No matter the type of bow you shoot, displays of your favorites can reflect your personal style of the sport you love. Photo Credit: Mason Woodworking.

Bow racks are a staple for most archers. They display your equipment while reflecting your personal style. They can be equal parts artwork and a place to hang your bow.

Stamp your personal brand on a bow rack by sharing a quotation, creating a cool archery-themed decal, or displaying anything else that makes the piece uniquely you. Bow racks can also display your arrows as beautifully as possible. 

Have Some Fun

Enjoy the outdoors or bowhunting? It can be fun to get creative with your favorite outdoor themes. Photo Credit: eBay.

Consider pieces that feature archery in abstract ways. The arrowhead background is archery-inspired and aesthetically pleasing. Adding the arrow behind the decorative skulls gives a striking element to an already interesting piece.

Wall decals that depict archers give entire walls a powerful pop. This monochromatic silhouette makes it easy to coordinate with other décor. It also fills lots of space, so you cover a large area with one cool piece.

We all want – or maybe need – something in our lives that’s just for us. Giving yourself a space to decompress and be yourself is healthy for the psyche. It’s especially wonderful when the space also reflects your love of archery. Garages and basements don’t have to be boring. Spruce up your special space and relax among archery décor after a long day at the office or the range.



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