Aim a Barebow with String-Walking! Aim a Barebow with String-Walking!

Barebow archers don’t have the luxury of an adjustable sight or multiple sightpins. Instead, they use their arrow tip to aim, turning its point into an adjustable sight by gripping the string at different locations. This technique is called “string walking.”

By gripping different locations on the bowstring, barebow archers change the relationship between the arrow and their eye, which makes their arrow hit higher or lower. To make the arrow hit lower, they grip farther down the string. To make the arrow hit higher, they grip closer to the nock.

Barebow archers use a string-walking tab with etched markings that provide references for consistent aiming. Archers learn through trial and error where they must hold the bowstring for the distances they shoot.

For more on string walking, check out this video.

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