Curious About Archery? Why Bows are Better than Ever.

Do you want to buy your first bow or upgrade to a newer model? You’re in luck. The bows lining archery shop’s walls are better than ever.

No one understands bows better than the pros at archery shops. That’s why we asked the experts at two archery shops to discuss features that make bows great.

“Every year we see more and more efficiency built into our manufacturers’ offerings,” said Jeff Buttolph, owner of Shooters Archery in Beaverdam, Virginia. “This simply means the archer is doing less work and getting more out of the bow. Speeds are as high as they’ve ever been without sacrificing an accurate, vibration-free and quiet shot.”

Kyle Chambers, manager of Cinnamon Creek Archery, in Roanoke, Texas, said today’s bows are much more efficient. “They’re easy to tune and they stay tuned,” he said. “They’re much better than in years past.”

Even budget-priced and beginner bows are packed with accuracy-enhancing technology. That’s because advancements once reserved for top-shelf bows have migrated to lower-priced options.

Whichever bow you choose, it must fit your budget and your body. Today’s marketplace offers plenty of great options that ensure comfortable shooting. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

“A lot of beginner bows in the $500 range have a machined riser, all-metal construction and a very good design,” Chambers said. “You’re getting a much better value at that price point than you used to get.”

Buttolph said the beginners’ market offers many good choices. “Several companies are making bows with rotating cam modules,” he said. “This simply means your cams can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of draw lengths.”

Whichever bow you choose, it must fit your budget and your body. Today’s marketplace offers plenty of great options that ensure comfortable shooting.

“The availability of bows to fit each archer has increased greatly the last several years,” Chambers said. “Bows are available from the low-end budget to the premium bows, and there are options to fit a small child to a very tall person.”

Buttolph agrees. “The industry is currently producing the best bows of all time,” he said.

With all the 2018 models now in archery shops, this is a great time to start the bow-buying process. Head to a nearby archery shop to see what all the hype is about. Walk in, tell them your budget, and discuss the type of archery you want to pursue. After they take some quick measurements, the fun starts. You’ll then get to inspect the bows, consider their prices, and shoot several models to decide which one you’ll take home.

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