Hike Your Way to 3-D
Archery Fun Hike Your Way to 3-D Archery Fun

Archery ranges are usually flat fields with targets set at exact distances. In contrast, 3-D Archery takes the range into the woods, which introduces unique angles and new ways to have fun with the bow and arrow.

This discipline gets its name from three-dimensional animal targets, which range from small skunks to massive elk. The targets are set along a course that resembles a hiking trail. Each target helps create a different shooting scenario. You might shoot downhill at a deer target in a woodlot, and then walk a few steps to shoot at an alligator in a swamp.

Those scenes create realistic bowhunting practice, but 3-D archery isn’t just for hunters. It’s exciting for all archers because no two shots are the same, and it’s usually played with small groups of shooters.

You can meet new friends or bring your own to 3-D shoots. Archery clubs often open 3-D shoots to the public, which lets everyone enjoy a day of hiking and shooting in the woods. Likewise, archery shops are great resources of local knowledge, and their staffs can help you find nearby 3-D shoots.

To get started, read more about 3-D archery on Archery 360, and visit an archery shop for helpful advice.

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