Variety is Archery’s Ever-Lasting
Spice Variety is Archery’s Ever-Lasting Spice

If you’re looking to spice up practice with something new, try field archery. This exciting challenge includes shooting uphill, downhill and at widely varying distances.

Most field-archery ranges in the United States are National Field Archery Association courses. World Archery’s field discipline is less popular but equally enjoyable. You can learn more about it here.

NFAA field-archery targets are set on a 28-station outdoor course that archers must hike. They then pause at each station to shoot targets 20 feet to 80 yards away. Those varying distances test the archers’ skills and make for fun shooting in natural settings.

Check out this video to learn more about field archery.

To try field archery, ask an archery shop about nearby courses. You can also click here to find a nearby archery club.

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