Arrow Pulling Made Easy!

If you’ve ever spent a day shooting and exerted more energy pulling your arrows than shooting them, we feel your pain. Stubborn targets make arrow pulling a chore, but we have some tips to help you save your strength for shooting bull’s-eyes.

Safety First

When removing arrows, make sure no one is standing behind the arrow. When an arrow gives way while you’re yanking on it, it unleashes lots of force. Anyone standing near your arrow nock could get jabbed by the nock.

Likewise, you could hurt yourself if you pull out a knife to help remove your arrow after shooting into a nearby tree or wooden target stand. Even the most expensive arrow isn’t worth getting gashed. Keep the knife in your pocket and try the tips below.

Get a Grip

When pulling arrows, a good grip makes all the difference. Try an arrow puller, which is a rubber tool that gives you a better, more secure hold on the arrow shaft. Try using both hands or ask a friend to grab the arrow to double your force.

In addition to an arrow puller, apply arrow lube to the front half of the arrow shaft to ease the task. Arrow lube is usually a synthetic product that doesn’t let the target’s foam-plastic stick to the arrow. That makes the shaft pull easily from the target.

Another trick is to twist the arrow before pulling, which breaks the target’s grip on the arrow and lets it slide out.

Saving Errant Arrows

When you miss a target and your arrow sticks into a tree or wooden target stand, two techniques can save your arrow. First, gently wiggle the arrow side to side to create space between the wood and your arrow. Be patient and do not put too much pressure on the arrow shaft.

If that doesn’t work and you’re using a screw-in point, try gripping the shaft and turn it counterclockwise to unscrew the point. You’ll lose the point but keep the arrow, which is the lesser of two evils.

By using these tips, you can focus your efforts on shooting and spend less time pulling your arrows. To pick up some lube and an arrow puller, visit a nearby archery shop.



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