Outdoor Archery Games

Shooting a bow is always a good time, maybe because archers have so many ways to enjoy the sport. Field, target and 3-D archery are rewarding disciplines. But even with all those options, sometimes archers need to let loose and do something that’s pure fun.

Popping Balloons

It’s the type of giggle-inducing fun that turns grown-ups into little kids and keeps kids practicing all day. Photo Credit: M&M Archery Range Youtube

What you need:


Target pins;

Glitter, cornstarch, baby powder or water-based paint.

Few things beat the satisfying sound of a breaking balloon. Such giggle-inducing fun turns grownups into little kids, and keeps kids practicing all day. You can add visual elements to popping balloons by filling them with glitter, cornstarch, baby powder or water-based paint.

You can also boost the challenge and satisfaction of popping balloons by stretching the distance.

Solo Cup Challenge

Pin a SOLO cup to a target butt and see how many arrows you can group inside the cup. Photo Credit: Archery360 Youtube

What you need:

Solo cups;

Target pins;

Three arrows for advanced archers;

Six arrows for new archers.

Pin a Solo cup to a target butt and see how many arrows you can group inside the cup. If you’re playing with a friend, pin on two Solo cups and see who shoots the most arrows into their cup.

When you group all of your arrows inside the cup, increase the distance or use a “shot-glass” size cup.


This game is popular on the basketball court, but you can take that same fun competition onto the range. Photo Credit: Experience Archery

What you need:

Target pins;

A paper target with scoring rings.

This popular game from the basketball court is just as much competitive fun on the archery range. One archer calls the shot, and the other must match it. For example, an archer calls the left 6-ring from 20 yards, and then takes the shot. Assuming the shot is on target, the other archer must then match it. If the second shooter misses, they get an H. The game continues until someone loses by getting all the letters in H-O-R-S-E.

Whether you’re in a shooting lull or need some fun, give these games a shot. Then share your favorite archery games on Archery 360’s Facebook page.



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