DIY Broken-Arrow Pen: Write Your Destiny

Few archers want to break an arrow, but if it happens you can turn that misfortune into something crafty.

Does archery kick-start your creativity? Does it inspire you in ways nothing else can? If you want archery to motivate you daily and you’re intrigued by do-it-yourself crafts, you’ll love this archery-inspired pen. A broken-arrow pen is a clever, functional way to bring archery into your workshop and walk back out with something useful.

All you need is four components to make this unique craft:

  • A pen;
  • A broken arrow;
  • Superglue;
  • Arrow cutter.

Although you can use almost any broken arrow for this project, you must first check the arrow to see just how much it’s damaged. If the arrow’s back end is splintered, throw it away.  You don’t want carbon slivers to pierce your fingers while you’re writing memos. If only the front end is damaged, you can still use the arrow.

First check the arrow to see just how much it’s damaged. Photo Credit: ATA

Step One:

Start from the back of the arrow and cut off the broken front end, leaving just enough arrow to fit the length of your hand.

Step Two:

Find an everyday pen with a point that fits flush against the arrow shaft, and then disassemble it. Glue the pen’s nib into the pen point.

Step Three:

Slide the pen into the arrow shaft backward. Using Superglue, cover the bottom of the arrow shaft and the back of the pen point, and press them together.

Step Four:

Now simply let your creation dry and voila: You’ve turned your broken arrow into a crafter’s dream.

Discovering crafts that bring archery into your daily life is a fun way to break up work and monotony. Every time you pick up your homemade archery pen, you’ll savor the hours spent practicing at the range. The broken arrow symbolizes all the hard work you invested to get where you are. But don’t stop there. An arrow pen made with your own hands lets you write your own destiny for as long as you own this unique item.



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