Put the Fun in Fundraising

Does your archery team need a boost in financial support? Consider hosting a creative fundraiser. These are a great way to bring in extra revenue for competition and equipment fees, while showcasing your team to the entire community.

People love a team that is active in the community. A fundraiser event shows that you want to connect with community members. You will also meet potential archers you might not have reached otherwise. You may even meet community business owners who could advertise your team to their clientele. Fundraisers are an excellent networking opportunity, and you have a ton of options for holding one.

Hosting an Archery Event

Offer one-on-one instruction or let visitors have free reign of the range. Photo Credit: ATA

A wonderful idea for raising money and introducing archery to newcomers is to host an archery event where the public can try the sport first-hand. Charge participants a fee to shoot a round of arrows, and watch their faces light up. You could even charge a fee for personal instruction. The participants would get a pre-established amount of time with a team member for basic archery instruction. You could host the event at your practice facility or a neutral location like a park. Parks offer open space for a temporary range set-up and will catch the attention of different people passing by or those already visiting the park. You could potentially catch the eye of parents looking for a hobby while their kids are in school, or parents who want to get their children involved in a new sport. Play fun archery games like popping balloons or H.O.R.S.E., and set up a table with information on your team, including your competition schedule if you have one.

Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course with obstacles that are appropriate for kids and adults. Photo Credit: Listotic

Create an obstacle course to challenge event participants for a fundraiser. You can set up a single course and time the participants, or set up two identical courses side-by-side and let people race. The obstacles can be as extravagant or as simple as you want to make them. Examples are agility ladders made of tires or jump ropes on the ground, a hula hoop run, a trip wire section, and pool noodle games. Offer small prizes for the winners, or one big prize at the end of the day for the fastest participant. You can charge a fee to run the course and sell refreshments at a booth that also includes your team information. Participants will appreciate the option to purchase food and drink after the workout and will walk away with a clear memory of your team.

Yard Sale

Phase out old equipment or let the team members sell their clothes or other items at one large yard sale. Photo Credit: Above & Beyond

Have old equipment you’re looking to phase out? Do your team members have clothes they’d like to sell? Host a yard sale and generate interest in your team while turning over your inventory. Place a table outside your practice facility or any location that allows the public to sell goods, and advertise your sale. The yard sale will allow potential team members to meet the team, and the community will appreciate that their money is going toward a good cause. Even better –  participants get to go home with something to show for their donation!

Whatever fundraising event you decide to hold, make sure each participant leaves with information about your team and a way to remember you. Holding a fundraising event is beneficial for the team and participants, as well. You’re gaining exposure, and they’re having a good time: truly a win-win situation. Host one of these events and put the fun in fundraising.



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