What Are Archery Associations

If you want to connect with archery enthusiasts around the world, you’ll find organizations and associations for archers from all walks of life and disciplines. Many states have their own archery associations that are officially recognized by USA Archery. Other well-known archery associations include World Archery,National Field Archery Association, and Archery Trade Association. Let’s take a look at what these organizations do for the sport of archery.

State Archery Associations

State associations often organize local and statewide tournaments and archery events, as well as educational and skill training. They also develop and support the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), as well as youth and beginner education. Overall, these archery associations help promote bowhunting and hunting conservation within a specific state.

USA Archery

USA archery provides excellent instruction and leads its archers through national competitions. Photo Credit: USA Archery

USA Archery is the governing body for the Olympic sport of archery in the U.S. The group focuses on supporting athlete training and competitions in the discipline of target archery. USA Archery also establishes the guidelines and certification processes for certifying archery instructors and coaches.

World Archery

This group is the governing body for the sport of archery on the international level. Their responsibilities include setting industry standards and rules related to archery. This group also oversees international archery events and world championship tourneys.

National Field Archery Association

The National Field Archery Association hosts tournaments for all ages. Photo credit: NFAA

This association establishes the regulations for field archery in the U.S. They also oversee state-specific field archery organizations, as well as establish tournaments for state and national championships.

Archery Trade Association

The ATA represents retailers, manufacturers, distributers, and sales representatives within the archery industry. This group works to ensure the archery industry is profitable and growing. ATA also hosts the largest archery-specific trade show in the world each year.

While each organization is unique, they have clear similarities – the most prevalent being their overall mission to promote archery participation and opportunities.

The importance of these organizations to the sport of archery is clear, but what is the benefit of becoming a member? Here are a few reasons:

Event Participation

It’s never too late or too early to get involved in tournaments. Photo Credit: Crane Archery

Becoming a member of an archery association qualifies you to participate in state and local tournaments. The individual association and type of membership ultimately determines the type and number of tournaments a member can enter. Membership usually also provides access to archery clubs and educational events.

Range Access

Association members can also receive range access privileges not available to non-members. In some instances, range access can extend to participation in indoor and outdoor leagues.

Becoming an Instructor

Becoming an instructor allows you to share your passion with up and coming archers. Photo Credit: ATA

If you’re interested in becoming a certified archery instructor, you’ll need to hold an individual USA Archery membership. You’ll also need a background check and certification to become an instructor.

Member Discounts

Some archery association memberships provide their members with discounts on gear and things like travel expenses from association sponsors. Special rates may also be available to association members for individual limited liability, major medical and archery gear insurance.

Stay Informed

Members have access to informative and entertaining archery magazines. Photo Credit: ArrowTrade

Membership to nearly any archery association typically includes a subscription to an archery publication. You may receive digital newsletters or high-quality magazines. These publications will help you stay informed about current events and changes within the association and archery community.

If you want to further your involvement in the sport of archery, join a supporting association and receive the many benefits that are only available to members. With many organizations at your fingertips, you can make your mark on the sport and meet others who share your passion for archery.



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