7 Reasons to Visit Your Local Archery Shop

Your local archery shop may be the best one-stop-shop for archery supplies, but you’ve got more reasons than purchasing gear to make the visit. In the days of online shopping and Amazon, there’s something to be said about the in-person experience. Here are seven reasons to visit an archery pro shop.

Buying Archery Gear

You can get your gear fixed or start fresh. Photo Credit: ATA

The obvious and likely reason to visit your local archery shop is to buy gear. Archery shops carry items that big-box stores might not have, like high-end products. You’ll also get a custom set-up, including bows fitted to your draw length and arrows cut to fit the bow. Experts at local shops can help select the right equipment for you. You can also hold, feel and shoot your bow before finalizing the purchase.

Customer Service

The biggest difference between shopping online and visiting a pro shop is the customer service. Don Cullings, the owner of Autumn Sky Outfitters, said there’s a plethora of knowledge consumers can tap into at an archery shop.

“It is easy to go online and purchase a product, but what if you have a question on it? You can talk to the employees and see what they are shooting or using,” Cullings said.

The folks working at archery shops know their stuff. They either enjoy archery as a hobby, compete at archery events, or bowhunt. Whatever the reason you are visiting an archery shop, employees can answer your questions and make suggestions on equipment choice.

Meet New People

Socializing at the range is a great way to meet people that share your common interests. Photo Credit: ATA

If you’re looking for like-minded archery enthusiasts, your first stop should be the archery shop. The people who are buying gear or getting their bows tuned are likely getting ready to hunt, compete or practice on the range.

“We have had a lot of great friendships made just from people hanging out in the shop,” Cullings said.

He said whether you’re looking for a new hunting buddy or somebody to talk archery with, you might find them perusing the aisles at the shop.

Fix Equipment

Need your yearly tune-up? Do your old arrows need repairs or new arrows require prepping? Archery shops offer full bow and arrow servicing, and they usually do it right there on the spot. Expert techs can install new accessories, replace and install bow strings, cut new arrows to your size, conduct equipment safety inspections, and offer advice on improving your bow. If you buy your accessories directly from their business, some archery shops offer free install.

Take a Lesson

Take a lesson as a beginner or sharpen your existing sills. Photo Credit: ATA

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert archer, archery shops offer classes for all abilities. It’s an opportunity to sharpen your shooting skills under the instructions of a certified coach or instructor. Depending on the class level, archers will learn about safety, how to shoot successfully, measuring their progress, and competing in a league. No matter the type of bow you prefer, there is a class for everyone. Some archery shops offer both private and group lessons. Visit your local archery shop and see what they offer, or book a lesson online.

Practice at the Range

A pro shop’s indoor range is the perfect place to train for competitive archery and hunting. Most ranges offer 20-yard targets. Don’t have your own bow? They’ve got you covered. You can usually rent a bow, arrows and release aid for target practicing. With indoor archery ranges, you can practice year-round and keep those skills sharp. All abilities are welcome, and knowledgeable staff members will help get you started. Some shops even offer weekly leagues where archers can shoot a 3-D course, paper targets or virtual games. Range shooting is also an affordable activity, with average range time costing between $5 to $10 per hour.

Host a Party

Creating a big event will generate buzz for your business. Photo Credit: ATA

Does your child have a birthday coming up? Need a work retreat idea? Some archery ranges offer to host birthday parties, team-building workshops and even holiday parties. It’s a memorable way to celebrate a special occasion and an opportunity for large groups to learn about archery safety. Certified instructors can be available at your event. Archery shops even offer special party rates, making it more affordable than renting out hourly range time.

An archery shop isn’t just a shopping destination. It’s a place to meet new people, take lessons, learn about the latest gear, talk to the experts, take advantage of professional service and get shooting time at the range. Find your local archery shop by using the Archery 360 store search tool.



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