Behind the Bow

When you get to know archery’s top competitors, you realize most of them gladly help those wishing to follow in their footsteps. The best archers are more than good shots. They’re ambassadors for the sport and enjoy giving back every way they can.

Matt Stutzman

Matt Stutzman the “Armless Archer” is a powerhouse with a bow. Photo Credit: USA Archery

Stutzman is arguably one of the sport’s most inspiring people, and possibly the world. Born without arms, he shoots by using his legs and a shoulder-strap release he activates with his jaw. The “Armless Archer” doesn’t allow his disability to limit him. In fact, he holds the world record for the longest accurate shot for all archers of all abilities! Stutzman’s resilience and positive attitude inspire people in ways that go far beyond archery.

Levi Morgan

Levi Morgan racks up the accolades year after year and proves to be a world class archer. Photo Credit: NWSportsmansMag

Morgan has earned countless accolades, including several world titles and “Shooter of the Year” for 10 consecutive years. This world-class archer shares his knowledge with other aspiring archers through his popular TV show and “Bow Life” blog, which details shooting techniques and tutorials for countless aspects of archery.

Sara Lopez

Surgeon/Archer/Superwoman, Sara Lopez does it all with plenty of championship titles to boot. Photo Credit: Sports Features

Lopez balances her archery career with her other career: pediatric surgery. This top-notch compound shooter has held her No. 1 world ranking longer than anyone in the World Cup era. Lopez also shot the highest-ranking score by all archers, male or female, at the 2015 World Archery Championships.

Cara Kelly

Cara Kelly is a role model for female archers everywhere with her online campaign arcHER. Photo Credit: Hoyt

Kelly first competed in archery at age 5. Since then Kelly has won 14 world championships and helped create an online community called arcHER, which inspires and engages female archers of all skills. Ultimately, arcHER connects female archers worldwide to form bonds that ensure the sport’s constant growth.

Because of these archers and the efforts of countless others, archery keeps growing. As a result, prospective archers have infinite resources to help form lifetime friendships while learning more about the sport they love.



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