Level Up Your Archery Skills with Archery Apps

Wouldn’t it be great to have an archery instructor in your own home? You do! Check out these apps and discover a whole word of coaching, just a click away.

Kim, Hyung-Tak Archery

For lessons, check out this app by a renowned coach. Photo Credit: World Archery

Purpose: Learning

Price: $22.99

Available for: Apple and Android

A textbook at your fingertips, the Kim, Hyung-Tak Archery app teaches recurve archery for various skill levels. The app features fundamental lessons for beginners and more advanced lessons for seasoned archers. Kim’s app was released to the digital world in April, so it’s still new to the archery game. As an archery coach extraordinaire, Kim, Hyung-Tak is more than qualified to share tips on technique. The app is spendier than some, but you’ll get tons of content, including pictures, step-by-step videos, and written instructions – all from a world-renowned coach. Not too shabby.

Hudl Technique

Analyze videos of your technique to see where you need improvement. Photo Credit: ArcheryParent WordPress

Purpose: Reviewing

Price: Free

Available for: Apple and Android

Know the basics? Then you’re ready to perfect your technique. Hudl is an app for all sports that allows you to record yourself and dissect the playback. It’s perfect for reviewing your shots and analyzing your technique. You can even watch your videos in slow-mo.

Slowing the video allows you to discover flaws in your form at any point in the shot: draw, release, and follow-through. Hudl includes a databank of videos of professional athletes, so you can compare your technique with the pros.

Archer’s Diary

Track your scores and keep up with your practice schedule. Photo Credit: ArchersDiary

Purpose: Tracking

Price: $0.99

Available for: Apple

You’ve got your technique down. Now you just have to practice, practice, practice. Archer’s Diary totes itself as an app “for archers, by archers.” It’s designed to keep your archery information in one place, storing scores, conditions, arrow count, and sight marks. This app can help you grow and improve by holding you accountable for your progress.

The app will also help motivate you to practice. After all, who wants to log onto their app and see they haven’t practiced in a month?

Living in the digital age has its pros and cons. Why not let one of the pros help your archery game? No matter your skill level, these apps can help. They’re designed for use at the range or in the comfort of your own backyard. Download one of these apps today, or share a few of your own favorites on our Facebook page.



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