2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Archers

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be a chore this holiday season, especially when you’re shopping for archers and bowhunters. This gift guide will help you find the perfect presents for every archer in your life. From stocking stuffers to big-ticket items, we’ve got you covered!

League Registration

Cover a league’s registration fees for your favorite archer. Leagues cost around $100. Laura Rosenthal, vice president of La Crosse Archery in Onalaska, Wisconsin, said her family’s store received lots of positive responses from people wanting to pay league fees for a friend, family member or even couples. Shop


Gift your loved one with lessons to strengthen their skills. Photo credit: ATA

Want to give a gift that makes a lasting impact? Lessons help archers sharpen their skills, hone their form, and tighten their groups. Find an archery instructor through USA Archery or Archery 360, or inquire at your local archery shop. Depending on your budget, choose between private and group lessons. As an add-on gift, consider covering their range fees, too. Shop

One-of-a-Kind Quivers

There’s something special about handmade products. Unique leather quivers make great gifts for those who appreciate craftsmanship and functionality. Because it’s customized and made of leather, this gift can get spendy. Do a keyword search for “custom leather quiver” on Etsy, an online global marketplace for vintage and handmade goods, and choose from back, hip and even horseback quivers. Shop

Augmented Reality Training

Practice your archery skills anywhere with this augmented reality training system. Photo Credit: ATA

If your archer is techy, help improve their skills and accuracy with augmented reality training. High-end virtual archery setups like those used at archery ranges can be pricey, but affordable options can be found. AccuBow is a mobile app that simulates a range’s reality. The app is free but your archer will need an AccuBow training bow and mounting bracket for their iPhone. Shop


There’s no gift like the gift of bling with an archery twist. Whether you’re shopping for a guy or gal, jewelry makes everyone feel special. From silver arrow-pendant earrings to engraved bracelets and cufflinks, you’ll find a plethora of choices. You can even engrave your favorite archer’s name onto jewelry for a personal touch. Shop 

Archery Art

These Archery Patent Art Prints would look great in any room. Photo credit: Amazon

Many artists portray archery in their work. You can buy a painting, or a print of a painting or photograph, and get it framed for gifting. The famous Archery Patent Art Prints have a vintage look that looks great framed in any room. If you’re creative and want to give something more personal, make your own art. Shop


Archers can never have too many arrows. Visit a pro shop and talk to a bow tech to figure out what type of arrows are best for your archer. Unsure of the archer’s draw length and weight? Buy uncut arrows so the archer can get them cut to size later. If you’re sneaky, grab an arrow from their quiver and take it to an archery shop to help you find the right arrow. Shop

Custom Fletching

Fletching can be as unique as the archer. Photo Credit: ATA

Part of archery’s fun is customizing the gear. Most arrows shot from compound bows use vanes for fletching, and come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Because vanes glue on, their colors can be mixed and matched with your archer’s favorite colors. We even have a how-to guide on fletching arrows. Shop

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the easiest gift of all, and picky recipients appreciate them. Archers can choose what they want, and cards let you choose how much to spend. They’re better than money because cash can be used for necessities like bills and groceries. A gift card to an archery shop means they’ll get something they want. Shop

It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping. You can begin checking off your gift list now by visiting a local pro shop or checking out these ideas for archers who already have everything.



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