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Reo Wilde’s Archery Lair

Some homeowners build a game room in their basement, while others build a home theater there. Professional archer Reo Wilde puts his basement to more active use. When Wilde recently built a home, he included an archery range in the basement. We caught up with this dedicated archer to get the details on his in-home archery paradise.

Wilde said the home-design process took a few months, but involved no major hiccups; only small adjustments. He said his wife played a huge role in the process and helped him do it all. Once they knew their home’s general concept, they expanded on the builder’s original plans by stretching the design to fit the archery range and work area.

“We kind of knew from the old house what I needed (for a range),” Wilde said. Yes, you read that right. This is the Wildes’ second home with an archery range. They took what they learned from their previous in-home range to create an even better setup in their new home.

You won’t find cramped shots or dangerously close targets there. Their range measures 80 feet long and 15 feet wide. During indoor season, Wilde uses his home range daily. And why wouldn’t you practice every day when your range has a built-in sound system?

“I listen to a ton of different stuff,” Wilde said. “It makes for a great training aid. It makes noise and helps me stay focused.”

Wilde’s family also uses the range often. Photo Credit: Reo Wilde

Wilde’s family members all shoot on the range. His father and brother use it often, and his wife and kids occasionally shoot arrows there, too. Wilde loves that the in-home range helps him spend more time with his family. “When I was at the club, it took me twice as long to practice as it does to get the same [amount of] work done at home,” he said.

Besides helping him spend more time with his family, the range provides Wilde several other in-home benefits. “I can go downstairs in my socks and shoot at whatever time I want,” he said. “Plus, I can test cool new equipment and no one will know.”

Wilde is happy with the range’s setup, and has no immediate plans for additions or modifications. “It’s pretty perfect,” he said.

Family and inspiration adorn the walls of the range. Photo Credit: Reo Wilde

The video he posted to his YouTube channel shows the room’s different areas and how he decorated the space. Family pictures and other sources of inspiration adorn the space. One section features inspirational quotes and mementos of past accomplishments. It’s clear that Wilde loves his craft, and found a way to expand his archery enjoyment by bringing a range home with him.

You don’t have to build a range in your basement to reap the benefits of indoor archery, of course. If Wilde’s basement range inspires you to fling some arrows, visit your local archery range and let them fly!



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