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Professional Partnership Expands Youth Archery Opportunities

One of the coolest things about archery is that it’s a lifelong sport. Participants of any age can compete at local, regional and national events. It also creates lasting friendships, especially for youths, and opens up opportunities for college scholarships.

The new partnership with the Archery Advocates Association will continue to encourage youth participation in archery. Photo Credit: Archery Advocates Association

Thanks to an expanding partnership between USA Archery and the Archery Advocates Association, even more young people will take part in archery programs. “We’re so happy to have the continued support of Archery Advocates,” said Geri Woessner, USA Archery’s director of sponsorship and donor engagement.

As part of that partnership, Archery Advocates will support USA Archery’s Junior Olympic Archery Development Program. JOAD introduces archers from ages 8 to 20 to competitive archery or simply helps them enjoy the sport recreationally.

To help those efforts, the Ann Hoyt/Jim Easton JOAD Grant Program launched in 2011 to provide direct funding to JOAD clubs.With funding help from Archery Advocates, JOAD Clubs can request up to $2,000 in grants from the Hoyt/Easton program. The money can be used for stands, target butts, archery equipment, general supplies and coaching certifications.

The association offers grants and scholarships to youth archers and teams. Photo Credit: Archery Advocates Association

“Archery Advocates is dedicated to promoting youth archery, and their support of the JOAD program will do just that,” Woessner said. “The grant fosters club development and long-term equipment usage. With the Archery Advocates Association’s support, USA Archery will provide resources to even more JOAD clubs.”

Archery Advocates will also return as an Ice Cream Social sponsor at the 2019 JOAD National Target Championships in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 2018, the event welcomed nearly 1,000 archers and their families for music, games, barbecues and ice-cream sundaes. Young archers also met USA Archery National Team members Reo Wilde, Andre Shelby and Mackenzie Brown.

Woessner said efforts to grow the archery community and foster a sense of fun helped Archery Advocates work with USA Archery to revitalize the traditional JOAD Ice Cream Social.

In announcing the partnership, the AAA said its members are proud to support archery. “Together we’re able to make a positive impact on many youths,” said Kerry Sylvester, AAA’s director of outreach programs.

Some funding is available directly to parents for equipment and other fees. Photo Credit: Archery Advocates Association

The AAA also offers several outreach programs for funding individuals, parents and teams to reduce financial barriers that prevent some young people from participating in archery.

Local archery shops are also great resources for information about youth archery programs, scholarships and opportunities.



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