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Gabriel George: An Archery Inspiration

Navy veteran Gabriel George lost use of his right arm after a 2008 motorcycle accident, but he found solace in archery a year ago at the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic in San Diego.

“My first time doing it, I saw the arrow hit the target,” George told WUFT News. “I was like: ‘Wow! I can do it!’”

Shooting that arrow marked a milestone for George. The accident one year before put him into a three-week coma. When he awoke, he knew he had to fight. “Finding out the things that I was able to do opened my eyes,” George said. “I said, ‘Well, do more.’”

And he has done more. He lives his life the way he desires: unhindered. “This is just me,” George said. “This is just part of my journey I’m living, and I really hope it can touch or inspire someone else to live their life. Life is for the living.”

George was fitted with a prosthetic designed specifically for his archery needs. Photo Credit: WUFT

When George lost use of his right arm, he knew it wouldn’t stop him from enjoying life. He adapted and learned to use his mouth to shoot the bow. With help from a Paralympic archer, George was fitted with a prosthetic device to make archery possible. Unlike other prosthetics that move a body part, George’s device acts as a brace to help him shoot his bow. It also has a device on the end that pulls the bowstring if needed.

George provides enthusiastic proof that disabilities don’t have to be debilitating. They can inspire others, and George said he’s just getting started. He has his sights set on winning at the Vegas Shoot this year. “I want to win,” he told WUFT. “I want to play. I want to do something amazing because … I’ve got to. I’ve come this far.”

Watch for George at this year’s Vegas Shoot. Photo Credit: WUFT

Archery skills can’t be mastered overnight, of course. They require focus and dedication to unlock your potential, but they’re within reach of anyone with a dream and desire. Archery requires practice, patience and the willpower to succeed.

George hopes his story helps guide others as they try unlocking their archery potential. If you have the desire to pursue your passions, archery’s doors are open.

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