Getting Started with your New Bow!

We might be biased, but finding a new bow under the tree on Christmas morning is the best present you can receive. Archery can leave a lasting impact on your life, but consider a few steps before starting.

Visit a Pro Shop

Visit your local shop to stock up on your accessories. Photo credit: ATA

Archery pro shops have friendly staff with the expertise to help set up your bow. If you’re wondering which arrows work best, or how to adjust your bow’s weight or determine your draw length, archery pros have the answers. They’ll also help you buy the right accessories, such as sights, releases, bow cases, stabilizers, arrow rests and virtually anything else that helps you get the most out of your new bow.

Learn to Shoot

Learning to shoot a bow can seem daunting, but plenty of resources are available to help. In addition to setting up your bow, archery shops can also provide shooting lessons to help make your form, aiming, release and follow-through become habit. To learn at your own pace, check out the many videos and forums where archers of all skill levels can offer friendly critiques, feedback and follow-up. Besides shrinking your groups and improving as an archer, you’ll quickly find the archery community a great place to make friends with others who share your passion.

Join a League

Leagues are a great way to hone your craft and meet other archers. Photo credit: ATA

Once you’re comfortable shooting, consider getting involved in a weekly league. Shooting regularly promotes good habits at the range, cultivates friendships and breaks up the monotony of your work week. In short, leagues are tons of fun! Whether you want to shoot 3-D targets or 5-spot bull’s-eyes, you’ll find options for every interest. And if you’re daydreaming about shooting competitively, a weekly league is a great way to attain your goals.

Bring a Friend

Like most things in life, archery is best when enjoyed with others. Shooting partners are there to answer questions, provide friendly competition and, most importantly, enjoy time together at the range.

New bows are always exciting, whether they signify your introduction to archery or yet another chapter in your favorite lifestyle. Enjoy the process by familiarizing yourself with the bow and getting more involved in archery.




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