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Archery Vacations

Winter’s icy chill makes us dream of vacations to warmer climates or somewhere beyond our ordinary routine. If you seek a rewarding vacation that helps you accomplish something while enjoying down time, check out these vacation packages featuring archery. And if you want to try archery, but don’t know how to go about it, these vacations are great ways to discover a new passion.

Enjoy archery in the country where it’s a national sport. Photo Credit: SixSenses

Bhutan’s national sport is archery, so it only makes sense to enjoy this fun activity while vacationing there. Six Senses Bhutan offers a vacation package that includes archery as an option during this 11-night excursion. Every activity is designed to be relaxing while providing light exercise, and so you’ll feel a sense of calm at this Zen luxury retreat. Archery’s stress- reducing benefits arefurther enhanced by this idyllic backdrop.

Try archery on the lawn of a European castle. Photo Credit:

The Medieval period fascinates the masses, which explains the many movies, theme parks and school classes dedicated to the Middle Ages’ arts and practices . If you’re enthralled by Medieval culture, you’d probably like to spend a night in a castle. Envision yourself launching arrows on the lawns of Glenapp Castle, which was built in 1870, making it one of Scotland’s newer castles. Scotland’s oldest castles were built around 1200.

Continue on a European adventure in Ireland. Photo credit: Wanderwithwonder

Complete your European excursion by practicing archery at Ireland’s Parknasilla Resort. Stay in the same resort that once housed playwright George Bernard Shaw and Princess Grace of Monaco.

Not everyone likes to commit to various options on vacation. Some prefer to go with the flow. If so, try a low-commitment archery experience in Dubai. The JA Shooting Club also offers free cancellation and no booking fees, so it can’t hurt to check it out. You’ll learn or improve your archery talents with a professional on indoor and outdoor ranges designed for all skill levels.

Get professional instruction at this ranch in Montana. Photo Credit: The Ranch at Rock Creek

If you prefer to stay in the United States, check out The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. This package includes two adventures daily, which provides several opportunities for range time. Compound bows and longbows are available. Try both to see which one best suits you. The instructors teach everything from safety to technique, so you’ll get a full coaching experience. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll shoot on a secluded hillside 3D range.

Vacations are rejuvenating, especially if they also introduce you to new opportunities and experiences. If you learn that you love archery, don’t leave it behind when you come home. Keep the momentum going by trying the sport at your local range.



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