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Indoor Target Scoring

When you start shooting archery, just hitting the target seems an amazing feat. As you progress, you’ll probably track your progress by keeping score.

As you score a target or talk to others about their scores, you’ll learn several ways to score targets, especially those used indoors.

Learning to score is a great skill to acquire. It helps monitor your development as an archer, and it’s essential when spectating. You must learn archery’s various scoring systems to compete indoors, and to watch the world’s best compete.

Let’s look at four common indoor tournament formats.

National Field Archery Association

The blue and white targets are unique to NFAA. Photo Credit: NFAA

The NFAA target has a white center circle surrounded by blue outer rings. The white center scores 5 points, and the surrounding rings score 4 to 1 points. The innermost ring of the white center is scored as an “X.” The archers’ X counts break ties.

NFAA competitors shoot five arrows per “end,” an end is one round of shooting. For example, if you shoot your five arrows, score them, remove them from the target and return to the waiting line, that is called one end. There are 12 ends in a 60 arrow NFAA competition. If all 60 shots hit the white center, the archer scores 300. A perfect NFAA indoor round earns 300 points with 60 X’s.

USA Archery

USA Archery uses a multicolored target with a gold center, and red, blue, black and white in the outer rings. The rings score from 10 points to 1. The 10-ring varies depending on the archer’s bow. The smallest center ring is the compound bow’s 10-ring, and the next largest ring is the recurve bow’s 10-ring. USA Archery indoor competitors shoot three arrows per end and 60 arrows in a competition.

The Vegas Shoot

The Vegas Shoot targets may look the same as the USA Archery targets, but they are scored differently. Photo Credit: NFAA

Vegas uses the same target as USA Archery competitions, but scores the rings differently. Instead of the smallest ring being the 10-ring for compound-bow archers, all archers use the “big 10.” The smaller ring is scored as an X for breaking ties. A Vegas round is 30 arrows and, because compound archers have a larger 10-ring, perfect scores of 300 points aren’t rare.

Lancaster Archery Classic

The Lancaster Classic also uses the same target as USA Archery, but with a different scoring system. In this format, the smallest ring counts as 11 points. A perfect Lancaster Classic score is 660 points.

Now that you know how to score indoor targets, you can participate in tournaments and understand the scores while watching competitions on the World Archery, Lancaster Archery Supply and Competition Archery Media YouTube channels.



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