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Get Started in Archery through Virtual Reality

Staying active in archery during winter has never been easier. Thanks to virtual-reality archery games, you don’t need to leave home. These games combine compelling storylines and entertainment to create surefire ways to attract newcomers.

In the past, prospective archers needed to buy or borrow a bow, and understand how to use it before shooting arrows. Virtual-reality games break down barriers that might otherwise intimidate folks and discourage them from trying archery. These games casually introduce newcomers to archery without the pressure of drawing a bow, keeping the arrow on the rest, and releasing a shot at a target.

Games like Bowslinger allow archers to hone in on the basics wherever they want. Photo Credit: Press start to begin YouTube

Virtual-reality games also introduce more people to archery who otherwise might never consider the sport. After all, many folks who try new hobbies get introduced by mentors who stoke their interest and help them start. Newcomers who lack mentors can’t make those connections. Video games help fill those voids.

Virtual-reality video games are accessible and easily played by visiting a retail store. These interactive games require some skills and movements, especially compared to older video games that required little more than light thumb movements.

And just so we’re clear, virtual-reality video games aren’t the same as interactive bowhunting games, which use blunt-tipped arrows and a screen that displays shot locations on elk, deer and bears. Although virtual-reality games don’t offer those experiences, they’re fun and accessible to people of all age and interests.

These new games offer yet another creative way to introduce newcomers to archery and its exciting lifestyle.



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