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Get the Most Out of Your Practice Sessions

We could all use more organization in our lives, especially with archery practice.

Flinging arrows is fun, and it’s easy to get caught up in shooting. But if you walk onto the range without a plan, your practice time can end before you accomplish anything.

Instead of just shooting, plan your practice sessions. Go in with training goals, and set precise times for each goal.

Here’s a sample practice plan:

  • Warm up for 15 minutes.
  • Work on your release at a blank bale for 15 minutes.
  • Work on the mental process for 15 minutes.
  • Practice execution with scoring for 15 minutes.

According to this TED-Ed video by Annie Bosler and Don Greene, practicing is all about creating efficient neuropathways, sometimes called muscle memory. Mastering a skill isn’t only about logging hours of practice. It’s also about the quality and effectiveness of practice. For the most effective training, split your session into specific time chunks.

Consider these ideas for focused practice segments:

Endurance Training

Getting tired is no fun. As you tire, accuracy suffers. Improving endurance is all about shooting a volume of arrows. You can shoot a bunch of arrows in a short time by shooting six or more arrows each time at a close distance. Archery-specific exercises are another way to improve endurance.

Mental Practice

Archery is a mental sport, but how often do we practice mental discipline? Devote time each practice session to your mental game. How you work on it depends on your process. In this video, Guy Krueger offers advice on the mental game.

Form Work

It’s difficult to shoot accurately while working to improve technique. Therefore, when working on form, forget the target. Shoot up close at a blank bale to help you focus on technique, not aiming. Learn more here.

Performance Practice

Practicing with friends can be a great way to hold yourself accountable for your efforts. Photo Credit: ATA

Performance practice helps you in tournaments or anytime you must shoot accurately on command. That takes practice, and shooting for score is an excellent way to do so. Shooting matches or playing games with friends are other fun ways to boost performance.

Don’t waste practice time with aimless shooting. Use these tips to make a plan that gets the most out of your practice sessions.



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