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Finding the Best Bow for New Archers

If you’re new to archery and searching for your first bow, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the many options lining pro-shop racks. Don’t sweat it. With a little research and a few questions, you’ll find the process exciting as you prepare for years of archery fun.

Understand Your Goals

Determine whether you’re looking for a recreation bow or a competition bow and narrow your search from there. Photo Credit: ATA

First, do a simple self-analysis to determine your archery goals. Different bows fit different applications. Dedicated target archers prefer different bow characteristics than hunters what hunters like. As you narrow your options, you’ll eliminate bows that don’t fit your needs.

Do Some Research

After identifying your goals, analyze your many options. Each bow manufacturer makes great bows that are expertly built by skilled engineers and craftsmen, so search every brand possible. Digital window shopping teaches you important specifications like draw lengths, draw weights, brace heights, arrow speeds and much more. All those details help compare and contrast different models.

Visit a Pro Shop

The experts at the pro shop will be able to help you properly size and adjust your bow. Photo Credit: ATA

Once you zero in on some options, visit a pro shop and shoot some arrows. Archery shops are the best resource for comparing bows by shooting them side by side. Hands-on shooting tests help you experience draw cycles, vibrations, and the overall look and feel of different bow models. On-site bow technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about archery, so they can help outfit you with everything needed to get started. You’ll also be able to buy the right arrows, sights, rests and other accessories while tuning your bow to ensure peak accuracy.

Ask Questions

Pro shops won’t pressure you into buying a bow. You’ll likely have questions, and you’ll find nobody better qualified to answer them than pro shop staff. They know that buying your first bow is a big step, and they want you to succeed.


The bow you choose should be tailored to your needs and should grow with you as you gather experience. Photo Credit: ATA

Buying your first bow propels you far into archery, and sparks excitement you’ll rekindle every time you release an arrow. Although finding a great fit can seem hard, investing in yourself and the sport will bring joy and satisfaction for years.



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